Reply To: Broken Group Proposed Permanent Winter Closure

Mike Gilbert

So everyone is aware, I am planning to attend the January 15th, 2021 meeting with Parks Canada on behalf of Paddle Canada.  Paddle Canada does lobbying on behalf of its instructor members and all registrants to our Courses, clinic and classes.

The meeting with Parks Canada will include Paddle Canada, Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, First Nations and several commercial guides, operators, outfitters and paddle businesses all of whom would be negatively affected should summer openings not include overnight multi-day expeditions and winter closures (Oct.1 – April 30th) come into effect.

There have already been preliminary meetings and communication regarding our concerns with proposed changes to the future use of BGI.  We are hoping that the coming meeting(s) will provide insight, understanding, cooperation and decisions that are balanced and fair to all concerned parties regarding the year round use of BGI.