Reply To: SKABC TRIPS 2021

Allan Edwin

Good morning paddlers! The responses are starting to come in now from our Trips Catalog survey.

Those kind enough to use the ‘Other’ item to provide suggestions, I have added your trips to the lists. No Marina, as fun as a club trip would be to the Baja or the Yukon, I had to set those aside.

Early polling results, overall leaders for each category:

Day Trips — Porteau Cove / Zorro Bay, Porteau Cove / Islet View
Overnight Trips — S. Gulf Islands / Portland Island
Expedition Trips — Port Hardy / God’s Pocket
Activity Trips — Howe Sound / Camp Cooking Weekend **

** Most Votes Overall

Those who filled out the poll already, you may want to take a look again. The options may have changed.

Looking at the survey, I am now keen to know if people would be interested in going to a weighted vote mode. This is where you would not only select trips you would like to do, but put a value 1-3 to indicate which you would prefer most.

Let me know what you think so far.