Reply To: Assisted Rescues & Re-Entries in Times of Covid

Maureen Benzon

I do like the method where you climb over the rescuers boat and into your cockpit. The stirrup is probably not needed as the bow of your rescuer would be an easier climb than onto your own back deck (depending upon the size of boat of course).

The only other method I can think of is an assisted bow rescue. The swimmer gets back into their boat while their boat is upside down. In reality it would be angled toward the rescuers boat and they will already be holding onto the rescuers bow, making it more of a scoop than a re-entry and roll. This has the disadvantage of having to pump the water out the boat.

May I add that in that in these circumstances, our risk assessment before we leave the shore is even more important. Our risk assessment covers: land, sea, weather and the group!

We are talking about people who have no symptoms (or they should not be in a group) and are in a healthy outdoor setting. If someone capsizes, someone WILL go to the rescue, so don’t paddle in conditions border line to your skills until this epidemic is over. Do not put yourself in a position where you could cause a friend or associate to be in a risk condition. Be sure to discuss this before you launch.

And on that note – happy paddling everyone.  Stay safe!