Reply To: Used kayaks advice

Allan Edwin

Many, many discussions out there revolve around on-the-water handling and performance. I offer these considerations often left out:

(1) A lighter boat is better. If you want to get the most out of your boat, moving it around by yourself has to be easy as you can make it. That includes on/off your vehicle, carry to/from shore, and getting in/out of storage. You will use your boat a LOT more if all of these off-the-water activities are not a pain.

(2) Find a boat that works with your body mechanics. Finding a seat and cockpit that are comfortable is critical, but just the beginning. Is everything easily within reach when you’re settled in your cockpit? Can you flip your rudder up and down easily without having to learn a new yoga pose so you can twist to reach your lines? Does the boat respond when you sweep or draw, or do you feel like you need to be 4 inches taller to make that work?

These are things that trying out a lot of boats will give you some insight to.