Reply To: COVID-19

Daniel Del Vecchio

That’s a good question and not an easy to answer. The reason we are in a state of self isolating in to decrease the spread of the virus. The majority of people do show symptoms but some may not. Those “more at risk” cause then you could become a carrier. As it stand right now people age less the 60 years old with no chromic disease or immunocompromised, are a low risk to show symptoms OR if they get sick to get only mild issue. They will stay home and recuperate ( those are about 80-85% right now). So it come to a individual risk assessment.

. As it stand right now in BC self quarantine is voluntary, compare to Europe where place you require to get a permit to get out. So if you decide to get out be smart.just like when we plan kayak trip we need to pre plan, do risk assessment, alternative route… I would applied the same approach to this. Assess your personal risk factor base on age and health. Then if feel i could go out assess how am i at risk to transmit to other in my surrounding? For example, maybe after a trip don’t visit family or parents for the next 5 days. If decide to make it, keep group as minimal as possible with no sharing of food ( everyone bring freeze dry pouch, people sleeping in separate tents beside people same household. Wash hands, wash hands and wash hands some more.

in case a rescue have to occur or contact have to be happening:  the virus spread in what we call droplets and the precautions are what we refer droplets contact. To simply it imagine having a spray bottle that contains the virus. If you don’t press on the handle an release there low chance to spread it. Once you spray anything that is in a 2m ( 6 feet) area may get contaminated. Now that virus have  shown some resilience ( up to 1 week on surface). That’s in the “normal world”. There no studies i’m aware of sea water and resiliency. I personally use gloves when i paddle so i would feel comfortable to rescue someone as i also wear sunglasses. Mask for self protection is kind overblown for lay people. But to add protection if the person wear a mask it will contain it.


hope it help