Reply To: 2020 – Trips Launch

Allan Edwin

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! This long weekend will feature sunny breaks around the South Coast. Grab your boat, drysuit, and paddle and get out there.

Two Stewardship/Conservation trips are now posted on the Trips List. Registrations are now open. It is important that we meet the minimum required number of participants as the regional district is sending a parks employee to work with us to ensure invasive plants are removed and these areas restored to a natural state. Contact Katya Yushmanova for more information.

Maureen Benzon will be running 2 “Go With The Flow” trips this year in the Gulf Islands. These are great opportunitiesĀ for you to practice your moving water skills with a great trip leader. Registrations open March 2 at noon.

We are continuing in 2020 with our club program to mentor and develop aspiringĀ trip leaders. Our senior club members are making room on their trips this season for paddlers ready to upgrade from being a good trip participant to being a good trip leader. Open your horizons to all that paddling has to offer and join our trip leaders team.