Reply To: Kayak Photography

Randy Chatterjee

I was sorry to miss Danielle’s presentation.  I believe capturing the beauty of kayaking in photo and/or video is the key to preserving our wilderness.

Photography is a means to share the witnessing of the wild.

In the age of digital and highly-produced YouTube videos, the old photo album is no longer an option.  Luckily, the tools to produce a simple slideshow or even complex video presentation are cheap or free, and for the most part are easy to learn.

Of course, none of that makes it easy to take the pictures in the first place, and moisture is still enemy number one.  Photography and water do not mix well, even with the latest GoPro kit.  The best photos are still taken from the beach (or a drone flying above the mess).  There is no getting away from the instability of a kayak with both hands on a camera and your body twisted whichever way toward the action.  Of course, it can be done, but don’t expect too much, especially when shooting video.

If I am on the Mainland when a photography trip goes out, count me in.  I even have a couple drones.