Reply To: Harrison River – October 26

Allan Edwin

One last email to everyone who came and to those who wanted to come. I will be posting this on the club forums as well, as I am still not sure if everyone’s email addresses were logged correctly.

For those who missed the event, I do not mean to rub it in, but we had a great time. We are very sorry you were not able to come — unfortunately there were scheduling¬†conflicts, family commitments, illness, and injuries that came up. Life goes on and we hope you all are able to get out paddling again soon.

Many thanks from everyone go to Kapila, Cynthia, Scott, and Martin for leading their pods, as well as the safety paddlers who pitched in. I am deeply grateful for the time and effort you put into herding your assigned group of “cats”. The success of the day owes a lot to you.

I have posted my photos to a shared Google album. Please feel free to add your photos as well. If I mis-indentified anyone, please let me know.

I have one final ask to the group, and that is for someone from each pod to please submit a trip summary for your pod. I would be very happy to get a full trip report, but a summary with your highlights and low lights (so we can learn) will be sufficient.

Thank-you again for being great trip participants! I am looking forward to paddling with you all again.