Reply To: New to navigation: what paper charts do you recommend?

Maureen Benzon

I love my chest of charts. I keep them loosely folded, in no particular order. I buy a chart when I kayak in a new area. It’s as good as a bookcase. Every time I go to my chest to find a chart, I page through all my used ones, and the memories of those trips come flooding back.

Buy the charts at any marine outfitter, use and enjoy them!

btw. I also travel with a GPS. It is a fun toy that can be used to check speed and position if you are not sure. Best of all you can save your track and print using the electronic chart when you get home. I use Blue Chart and love it! It is worth the investment, but they are funny about licensing, so if you upgrade your unit you have to buy the software again, and that seems very wrong, but entering waypoints is much easier on a laptop than on the device. I don’t delete waypoints so if I revisit an area, I get the memories popping up again. Welcome to the wonderful world of kayaking.

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