Reply To: How much safety is to much ?! 😊

Philip Kubik

Hello Daniel,

I agree with Maureen that it is a personal decision based on your risk tolerance, skill, experience, ambitions, and desire for excitement. Bear in mind that if you do something with a 1% risk of serious injury or death and you do it one time, your risk is 1%, i.e., small but significant. You will probably get away with it. If you do such things 100 times, your risk rises to 63%, i.e., large & significant. It is unlikely that you will get away with it.

You also need to consider your responsibilities to others. Aleksander Doba has kayaked solo across the Atlantic 3 time, all when he was over the age of 60. Asked why he didn’t do it when he was younger, he said that it would have been irresponsible when he had a young family.