Reply To: Spring Fling carpooling?

Mark Riser

Hey everyone!

My Trak 2.0 kayak just arrived and I’ve put it together for the first
time. Nice!

I’m hoping to join for some kayaking tomorrow. I’m working out at Deep
Cove Kayak as an instructor / guide all summer, and have to be back for
work at 4pm.

I was hoping to get out to join one of the trips tomorrow.

I still don’t have a paddle of my own or marine radio. Does anyone have
a loaner- or is anyone selling theirs? I already put down so much cash
into this kayak that cash is tight!

Anyway, please give me a call if you’re going and you have any ideas of
how I can join. I know this is last minute, but I really didn’t expect
to be ready to go kayaking until FedEx dropped off my Trak a few hours


Look forward to being on the water with you all soon.

Mark Riser
SKGABC AOG, Outdoor Instructor