Reply To: Feedback sought on systems to load kayak onto roof by yourself

Annette Muttray

Hi all – Thank you for the many great suggestions and photos!

Teresa – I would really like to see the Yakima Sweetrolls in action on your RAV4. If they are mounted far enough to the rear of the car this might work. I like that they do not rely on perfect suction on clean (vertical) windshields like the Sherpak boat rollers. Can we connect on email? My address is I live in the Vancouver Kits area.

Gail – I considered the Yakima Showboat and talked to Rack Attack. I like to remove my roof rack when not carrying boats to reduce drag (noisy on the highway), and the Showboat seems to make that impossible. Otherwise it would be a good option for sure.

Cameron – my RAV is 1998. I would like to be independent and not rely on a handy friend nearby.  J  Those Orchard kayak rollers look very useful, but are you saying they are only sold in the US?

Yes, side-loading racks are way too expensive for me right now.

Yes to wheels! I have them – they will help to get the boat from the garage to the car.

Barry – I wish I had your height and strength, but alas……..