Reply To: Feedback sought on systems to load kayak onto roof by yourself

Teresa de La Boursodiere

Hi Annette,

I own one as well by Thule.  I use it to load 100 lb tandem kayaks such as the Seaward Passat G3 onto the roof of my RAV 4 with Yakima Sweetroll cradles. There have been times where the suction cup slides or comes off the window if it is not absolutely clean or properly fastened resulting in scratching the roof paint slights from the desire to just get the job done and not being able to stop mid loading with only one or two people 4′ 11″ loading the boat.  You are welcome to meet and see how they work.  Just make sure you don’t turn on your rear wipers by error when its mounted or you will burn the motor as I have done… & then had to change the wiper motor.