Reply To: Frsaer Port Authority Amendment to "PIG" (!)

Philip Kubik

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The deadline is Wednesday March 14, 2018

The following letter from the Share the Fraser Coalition provides some details about the proposal from the Vancouver Port Authority. The letter was provided by Cathy Cook of PIKA.

March 6, 2018

We are a coalition of paddle clubs, paddle-craft oriented businesses, associations and other interested parties who have become aware that newly proposed amendments to the practices and procedures contained in the Port Information Guide may have a significant and negative impact on our usage of the Lower Fraser River. A number of our members have submitted emails detailing our concerns and requesting clarification, but to the best of our knowledge, there has not yet been a response.

Our chief concerns are as follows:

  1. While the notice of amendment indicates that the “Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has developed and formalized practices and procedures for vessel traffic control and safety in the Fraser River in collaboration with the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA), the Fraser River Pilots (FRP) and the broader marine community”, we are unaware of any consultation with any of our associate members. Given the historical significance that paddle-craft travel has had on the Fraser, we see this as a significant oversight.


  1. The proposed regulation states that “All Tier 2 vessels including fishing vessels, pleasure craft and sailing vessels, when transiting TCZ-4 must be under adequate mechanical power.”  The definition of a Tier 2 vessel is “all other vessel traffic operating in the TCZ-4 boundaries including fishing vessels, pleasure craft and sailing vessels.”


  1. We have become concerned that the proposed addition of 122 meters onto the existing 200 to 250 meters wide deep-sea navigation channel, together with other restrictions suggested for this new TCZ-4 zone, will effectively prohibit human-powered watercraft from the Lower Fraser. In several sections from New Westminster to the mouth of the Fraser River, increasing the deep-sea navigational channel by 122 meters will extend the new zone as far as the shoreline.


By way of addressing these concerns and in an effort to clarify our respective positions and find agreeable solutions, we request that the Port Authority commit to consultation with our coalition and extend the deadline for public input on these proposals in order to allow sufficient time to do so.

Share the Fraser Coalition confirmed members as of 0716 this date:

BC Marine Trails Network Association


Kaymaraan Adventure Tours

Pacific International Kayak Association

Sea Kayak Association of BC

\Western Canoeing and Kayaking

West Beach Paddle Sports