Reply To: Sharing satellite trackers?

Nick Heath

Thanks for those replies. As a result of this input, I don’t see any good reason why my SPOT Gen 3 could not be available to any SKABC member who wants to borrow it, provided that they return it in its original condition, possibly refresh the Li-On batteries pay me a deposit (such as their first born child) and update the web-based ‘ownership’ data. My main risks are that they lose it, break it or fail to return it (covered by deposit), that I forget to re-set the web data (my problem) or that, although it looks fine, it no longer works properly. I can easily test the messaging function on return, so I don’t see the last point as a serious one.  If someone loses it, I can say thanks, pocket the deposit and go out and buy the Delorme unit instead, which has broader functionality and a more rational, but still expensive service plan. Or better yet, I can borrow one!

This points to a high potential for swapping privately-owned units among members, but unless someone is willing to take on the task and be dedicated to it, this is not an suitable official club function using club-owned loaner units.

Please don’t buy more SPOT Gen 3s for your occasional trips – put the money to a better cause –  like I wish I had chosen to do!