Reply To: Sharing satellite trackers?

Randy Chatterjee

I have in past years publicly offered my InReach Navigator to anyone in the club.  The only taker from the club was Harald, whom of course I could trust implicitly.  He borrowed it for several months while out cruising in his sailboat and he left a breadcrumb trail we could all follow.  He reimbursed me for the cost of the device for that period he had it.

In addition, I lent it to some UBC students who called me to ask for beta for a trip to a remote part of Vancouver’s Islands west coast.  I lent it to them for free for three weeks, just to keep them safe.

I could not agree more that the sticker price (high as it is at $300-400) is a small part of the actual cost.  I am on a US “Freedom Plan” that charges me USD $18 per month essentially for emergency use only and is the minimum possible monthly charge.  If I want to send more than 10 messages per month or not pay 10 cents per uploaded waypoint, then the price jumps to $40 a month for unlimited waypoint tracking and up to 40 messages at no additional cost per message.

The InReach can have multiple different profiles for different users, so is very easy to share.  They are hard pieces of equipment to break, and so sharing makes a lot of sense.