Reply To: Sharing satellite trackers?

Jacquie Gaudet

The following info copied from the ACC Vancouver Section web page on Gear Rental might be useful:

Rentals are to ACC Vancouver Section members only. Please include your Alpine Club member number in email correspondence with gear custodians.

 *New Policy*  All gear is now available free of charge for Vancouver Section trips and events. Basic rental charges and deposits are waived for all trips and events posted on the Calendar. Any additional charges, e.g. satellite phone air time are still applicable.

SPOT and Delorme InReach

One SPOT Gen3 and one Delorme InReach SE satellite communicator units are now available for rent to ACC Vancouver Section members. These devices provide a position reporting, text messaging and distress alerting capability as a lower-cost alternative to the satellite phone where voice communication is not needed. Cost is $5 per weekend or $10 per week, with a $100 deposit. Note: These devices provide the capability to initiate a search-and-rescue at the push of a button. The renter must agree to the detailed terms and conditions and are responsible for all charges and any damage or loss. For more information and to book one of these devices, [email contact]