Reply To: Water, water everywhere; nowhere to keep my kayak

Pam Proctor

So helpful – thank you, everyone! This gives me options where there appeared to be none.

Awesome ideas! For further information:

– I now live in the Fraser Valley area but want to move to the Tri-cities area to be closer to work; or perhaps Burnaby or New West, depending. Realistically, anything further west is beyond my means.

– I’d gladly haul it inside an apartment if it could come in straight and fit (Half a million dollars just doesn’t go as far as it used to these days). It’s just me and it’s well over three times my height. I could earn the nickname Calamity Pam if I had to manoeuvre it too much!

– I have eked out a fine living, but out here I won’t be living in anything with a yard or a basement, guaranteed.

– There are so few listings on the market so options are very limited. To illustrate:  My *neighbourhood* in Saskatoon had more apartment condominiums listed for sale than all of Surrey combined.

– I have put myself on waitlists for outdoor storage at several of the sites that offer it, but my inclination is to have it close so I can throw it on the car and head off in any direction I please at a whim; not to mention admire it daily 🙂

On my hunt for real estate, the agent sends the strata docs for my review. Not all say you can have a trailer, but some do. I feel this is the least resistant path to success.

As for kayaks on the walls of parkades, agreed – condo boards need some schooling in thinking outside the box. Reading strata docs you have to wonder if anyone realizes what an insult to liberty they are 😉

In Saskatchewan, I happily headed out into the wilderness up north all on my own with a dog and some bear spray. It wasn’t exactly safe, but nonetheless it felt adventurous more than reckless. Here, with ocean currents and mountain lions and bears, I realize I needed to reach out to other kayakers before I do anything foolish. I’m happy to have found this association!