Reply To: Three Trip Ideas

Reed Clarke

Okay, we are making headway on a Central Coast trip.

There are now four of us that have expressed interest. This week, I will be discussing specific dates with the group. We are likely looking at August.

The trip will be fairly relaxed, 5-6 hours of paddling per day, which likely puts us in the 20-25 kilometre range. The area around Bella Bella offers plenty of flexibility, depending on what the weather serves up. If things get rough, there are numerous places we can go for protected paddling conditions.

This really is a great opportunity to paddle in a unique, and beautiful, part of the BC coast.

While there will be space to take on more paddlers as we go forward, this may be your last chance to have a say in when the trip takes place and how many days we’ll be out.

So, if you’ve been mulling over joining this trip, now would be a good time to step forward!

Cheers, Reed