Reply To: Belize – Planning a SKABC Trip South this Winter

Reed Clarke

An update on our Belize trip.

We have lost one and gained one, so still sitting at nine paddlers. Well, okay, in a sense we have lost two. Rand isn’t coming. But, he never intended to. He just wanted to get the ball rolling.

The timing appears to be zoning in on February or March.

Contact has been established with Island Expeditions Director Leif Sverre.

We are now working on setting up a meeting with Leif to firm up a time and plan trip details. Based on comments received to date, it looks like most are leaning towards a self-guided trip.

If, like Nick, you are lurking, undecided, now would be a good time to step forward. That meeting is going to be very important for shaping our Belize adventure. If you are going to join the party, you will want to be at the meeting! Not saying we couldn’t add people later, just that we’ll be doing the heavy lifting on details at our get-together.