Reply To: Belize – Planning a SKABC Trip South this Winter

Reed Clarke

Welcome aboard George.

I’m going to arbitrarily drop January. That would give us:

  • Rose – February
  • Gaila – February
  • Herb – February
  • Emily – February/March
  • Reed – February/March
  • Brian – February/March
  • Rob – February/March
  • Randy – February/March
  • Michelle – March
  • George – March/April

Wow. Ten. I’m impressed.

Just in case anybody is curious, the water temperature in Belize (likely measured close to shore in bays) is running about 29 degrees today. That would be 29 degrees celsius, not fahrenheit. The air temperature is around 25 degrees.

According to a show I was watching last night, the average Caribbean water temperature in February is around 20 degrees. Oh ya.