Reply To: Belize – Planning a SKABC Trip South this Winter

Reed Clarke

Let’s keep this ball rolling!

What I’m seeing is at least eight people, possibly more with spouses.

Time preferences look something like this:

  • Gaila – February
  • Brian – February/March
  • Michelle – March
  • Rose – January/February
  • Rob – seems to be angling towards February/March
  • Emily – January/February/March
  • Randy – seems to be angling towards February/March
  • Me – totally flexible (ie. no job, no social life)

I see a couple of potential time conflicts in there. Do we want to hash out timing sitting at our computers, then get together for a meeting to discuss trip details? Or, should we just go straight to a meeting?

Do we need information from the tour company before we can establish time options?

Let’s figure out a plan and start working through it!