Reply To: Belize – Planning a SKABC Trip South this Winter

Reed Clarke

Okay. Just got back from a local walk here in Burnaby. Faced the elements bundled from top to bottom. Was lucky to get out when the rain eased off. It is now torrential. There were strong gusts of wind, bringing down copious volumes of leaves and branches, some quite large. Memo to self; bring helmet next time. My trail was more puddle than path. And, worst of all, I had my manhood crushed by some freakazoid poncing about in shorts and t-shirt.

Would I really want to leave all this behind? Would I really want to go away somewhere warm and fuzzy, missing out on all kinds of cold, wet, gloomy winter days here in the Lower Mainland?

Um ya, I probably would, actually.

Belize sounds nice. Let’s do this!