Reply To: Tide/Current Question: Boiling Reef

Peter Tutak


We’re going out for only two nights. If we do Wallace, it might be a different campsite at a different site each night.

I’ve done the cart before on the Washington State Ferry system in the San Juans, but for expediency this time, we’re saddling up the Volvo to take on the ferry. Besides, it’ll be with us on Mayne, so might as well keep using it.

Right now I’m leaning toward my a. option, i.e. Galiano, and paddling to the Secretarys, and then SE to the Wallace Islands. Accoringly, I’m looking for a place to launch from on the northwest side of Galiano, to take advantage of the morning ebb, paddle across to the Secretarys and then mooch along the current to Wallace. Do you have any suggestions regarding places to launch on the NW side of Galiano ? (I’d also be leaving my car there for a couple of nights.)

I know Bodega Ridge PP is mostly high bluffs, so that’s out. Is there anywhere along Portier Pass Rd north of Bodega to launch from that you might know of ?

Thanks for the insight on your experiences that you’ve offered in your responses. They give me food for thought for future trips up into the Gulf Islands. I’m *most* appreciative – not knowing any paddlers in BC, am indeed indebted to you for any information you can provide.