Reply To: Tide/Current Question: Boiling Reef

Peter Tutak



Thanks so very much for your input on this. Other folks I’ve talked to suggest navigating East Point at slack, and no other time. I’ve consulted the Current Atlas Tables for my date and approx. times to transit this area, and it shows the current flow is strongly SE off Trumbo, strong NE off East Point/Boiling Reef, and W/SW off the entrance to Narvaez Bay. (Althogh the resolution on the current charts is very high level, I can’t recommend these enough.)

That’s enough for me. I know it’s a short paddle from Cabbage to Narvaez Bay, but that part of the route sounds a little too dicey for me at those times. I’m pretty conservative.  Accordingly, will re-plan my route.

Right now, I have three options-

a. Early morning ferry from Village Bay to Sturdies Bay, drive N to north end of Galiano and launch from there across Trincomali to the Secretary Islands, and SE to Wallace Island Marine Provincial Park, overnighting there.

b. Same as above, except shove off from Montague Harbor MPP and paddle NW alongside Galiano, veering WNW to Wallace Island MPP.

c. Same as b., except transit to Prevost Island/James Bay to overnight.

d. Early morning ferry from Village Bay to Otter Bay, and launch from there to Prevost/James Bay.

I’m aware that c. and d. encounter a lot of pleasure boat and ferry traffic, so I’m leaning to a. or b.

If you have any comment on my alternates, by all means, please let me know.

With Thanks,