Reply To: Tide/Current Question: Boiling Reef

Peter Mountstevens

Hi Peter

I transitioned around there a couple of years ago whilst doing a trip around Saturn’s and The Penders. I was unable to find a current chart for the reef so took it at the nearest low tide. We approached from between Tumbo and Saturna, the reef looked calm with no standing a waves, eddies or apparent rips. Initially it was calm and easy as we gave it a wide berth want remained that way but the current was in flowing and strong. It took the two of us ┬áin singles, and strong paddlers half and hour to make enough headway to clear the point and round it enough to get onto the kelp and make easier headway.

I’ve never been back, want to because Navares is a great camp site but my lesson was that in future, if I don’t know if currents find out before venturing somewhere that’s known for strong currents. We could easily hand turned and made it back but didn’t want to but will never try that again until I know which is ebb and when.

Good luck with the trip and if you find out how to chart the currents there please share.