Reply To: Advice about boats.

Gerry Hogeterp

I want to thank every one for the great advice.I bought a plastic 13″ Prijon Catelina ,from Western Canoe and Kayak.It would cost $75  to rent boats,and the boat cost $1175,so you know .I would be  paying rent and it could add up quick.I’m happy with the boat,but I can”t believe the diffrance from white water to sea,even the roll ,you have to have perfect form,as there is no give.a white water play boat is 6″ long and light ,if your form isn”t perfect athe bow or stern or edge will give you some foregivness .I felt as where tied to a log .Oh well the best thing”s in life are what you accomplish by learning,and I’m exited to learning this sport.maps,compass,tide charts,landing and launching in waves.I know one step at a time.I love it.Thanks again Gerry.