Reply To: tent recommendations?

Harald Riffel

Hi Jill:

For two people, one of the best kayaking tents, in my opinion, is the Wanderer 2 from MEC.  Two doors, huge vestibules.  Spacious and versatile.

For one person, the Wanderer 2 is a bit much, so a smaller tent such as the MEC Camper 2 would be better.  Smaller footprint and vestibules (and packed size!), but still comfy for one person.

For camping in cooler weather (like the outer coast), a non-mesh inner tent is warmer.  The all-mesh inner tents allow more air movement and are great for warmer temps, like the Okanagan, or down in the States.  But as you mentioned, wind-blown sand can be an issue.

Other brands with a similar configuration would do as well.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but buy from a reputable Outdoor store, and stay away(!!!) from Cdn Tire, Walmart etc.