Reply To: Marine VHF Radios

Karin Hartner

I have an old Standard Horizon (pre GPS) waterproof–definitely so as I’ve dumped with it unprotected in my PFD several times. It has been of great service as I’ve had to speak with Coast Guard and others on numerous occasions. It has the rechargeable and the extra battery pack with the AA’s (a must-have).

Both Standard Horizon and ICOM brands appear to be comparable.

Check what MEC has–they will meet everyone else’s price–and also check the Marine stores. Steveston has a selection and as Nick mentioned-numerous locations. As Bruce said at the meeting Radios are affordable these days. I believe any kayaker who paddles out of mobile phone range needs a radio (and a watertight case for their phone-it’s useless in the hatch).

I’ll be purchasing a new radio this season as I want one with the GPS feature as I don’t carry an actual GPS. Makes it easier to have Coast Guard locate you if you or someone in your party needs a ride.

Karin Hartner