VHF Radio Review Workshop

When: May 16, 2024 from 5:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Participants will review using VHF radio for both regular communication and for safety and emergency purposes. Use of styles of speech, abbreviations, code words, number & letter formats. Emphasis will be placed on summoning help to a remote location with scenarios to be enacted by the entire group and/or pairs of participants. The workshop is intended for member wishing to refresh their VHF training.  This is a hands on practice workshop. No certificate will be issued.

Prerequisites:  Completion of the ROC (Restricted Operator Certificate) course is required.

Special Instructions:

  • Participants must bring a VHF handheld radio, paper and pencil.
  • Please indicate in the comment section if you have a ROC license.

Course Format: This workshop is an indoor 2.5-3 hour session

Location: Pure Image
1251 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC

Course Coordinator: Kallie Cunningham  training2@skabc.org
Workshop Leader: Nick Heath nheath@sfu.ca ; Assistant: Kevin Hall

Fee: $25

Limit:  Minimum 4, Maximum 10 participants

NOTE: minimum must be met by 8 pm Monday May 13 or the workshop will be cancelled.


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  1251 Homer Street
  Vancouver, British Columbia
Signed up:
  • Darlene Brown
  • Steve Best
  • Quirine Schuyff
  • Lynda Froese
  • Phyllis Mallett
  • Hugh Davies
  • Roberto Dominguez
  • Kallie (Kathleen) Cunningham
  • Don Froese

Spaces Available: 1

Sign up:

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I acknowledge that when participating in this SKABC activity it is my responsibility to inform my fellow participants if I do not wish to have images or video footage of myself or a minor family member shared on the SKABC website, in the SKABC newsletter, or on social media.

I recognize that some club members may ask that images and video footage of themselves or their minor children captured during this activity not be shared on the SKABC website, in the SKABC newsletter, or on social media and, if so, I agree to respect their wishes in this matter.


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