Outhouse building at Bain Ck – seeking volunteers!

When: September 26, 2019 until October 31, 2019

Seeking volunteers!

Another of the Howe Sd sites managed by SKABC is getting an outhouse – a “urine-diverting composting/mouldering toilet,” actually.

Rather than hire a contractor, we are doing this one the hard way by building our own – to our own design – just to see what is involved and also to get a firm idea of how to keep costs reasonable so we can afford outhouses at all of the sites – the last contractor-built toilet (at Zorro Bay) cost $16K and, at that price, we can’t build enough of them to service all of the sites.

Another purpose is to serve as a prototype for BC Marine Trails site toilet needs elsewhere on the coast. There are several sites in urgent need at this time.

Our design varies from that approved by BC Parks and Recreation Site and Trails BC – theirs is the $16K deluxe version (e.g. Twin Islands, Zorro Bay etc). It features the French -made pedal operated inclined belt to divert liquids from solids. We’ll use a simpler, non-mechanical diverter.  They likely won’t approve of ours unless we can show a working example – hence the somewhat out-of-the-way Bain Creek location, where we expect low user volumes and not too much flak if we don’t meet someone’s rigorous criteria. If necessary, we can modify this one later to bring it to the same standard as the fancier $16K model.

I had intended to pre-build the structure in Coquitlam and dismantle it for transport by vehicle and boat. Then all parts would be taken to Bain Creek and assembled there.

After further advice , I’ve decided to erect the foundation or base first before embarking on the little building that sits on top of it. This allows for some variation in the design/dimensions of the upper part if the lower foundation deviates from the plan due to  site terrain etc.

So I’m planning Oct 9/10/11 to go over by boat to Bain Ck to start on site preparation and foundation work. This will be weather dependent.

The general plan for these days will be to carry over from Porteau Cove some heavy deck blocks, some lumber, including a sheet of plywood, and tools.  Maybe we’ll erect a tarp for a temporary work shelter. Then we’ll scrape off vegetation, place the blocks in place for footings and build up a level platform for the outhouse floor. A rock-filled soak-away drain pit will be dug out.  Most of this will be quite heavy work.

Then, after the base is built, likely in the week of 27 Oct, the frame of the building will be put up. Later, we’ll paint/stain what we built.  Weather and crew availability will be big factors in how long this will all take.

I’ll keep our volunteer crew members advised by email. This page will be updated as I make changes. Thks for volunteering!

If you are able to help, any day is fine – please specify by email to me.

Nick    treasurer2(at)skabc.org



  Porteau Cove
  Squamish, BC
Signed up:
  • Nick Heath
  • Susan Jensen
  • Richard Jensen
  • Philip Kubik
  • Cameron Redenbach
  • Roland Stefani
  • Sarah Cummins
  • Paul Geddes

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