Klee Wyck Journal

When: March 5, 2018 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Klee Wyck Journal, was released in October 2017.  Lou Mckee and husband  David are ocean kayakers who, after many years, claimed a favorite wilderness beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Often caught in heavy rains with tarps and tents,  they decided they wanted better shelter and built a cabin, the participants being their family and friends, and it took about 15 summer vacations to complete. The color drawings are of shore flora and critters and plants that thrive on the Canadian coastal edge.
Their presentation includes readings from their book and encourages audience discussion.  They will display original art from the book, and have a copy of the original journal at hand.
From the website:  “Welcome to the pages of my KLEE WYCK JOURNAL, full of stories of the people and adventures involved in the building of a coastal wilderness shelter hidden among old rain forest firs and cedars and dense salal bush. We reach this remote shore by kayak. There are no roads nor pathways. No docks nor safe buoys. We land on a little sheltered spit in a bay that is otherwise open ocean surf. In time, we forged a trail into the woods to build a cedar cabin to shelter us from the the rain that can drench (and beautify) this sea coast. It is the beginning of a dream that YOU can LIVE by turning the pages of the Klee Wyck Journal.”
  1950 Windermere Street
  Vancouver, BC