February Meeting: Tuesday February 4, 2014

When: February 4, 2014 from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

First Speaker:

Trip Planning and Contracts With Andrew McCracken


It’s winter, the water is cold, the sky dark, and your boat is snug and dry in the garage. Now is the time to dream of summer and long blissful days on the water; to plan that trip to some far-flung corner of our province where white-sand beaches and forests of sitka spruce beckon to adventurous kayakers.

AndrewMcCrackenPaddleBut who will be going with you on this trip, and how can you be sure your paddling styles are compatible? How will decisions be made? Who likes to put on the mileage? Who would rather poke along and enjoy the scenery? Who is a morning person and who will make the coffee? And whose training can you rely on in an emergency?

These questions, from the mundane to the mission-critical, deserve an open discussion among trips members. One way of conducting this discussion is by writing a trip contract, a collaborative document that explores all aspects of a trip and its participants. In this presentation, SKABC member Andrew McCracken will share his experience of writing trip contract’s, including one that he helped draft for a trip last summer around Cape Scott.AndrewMcCrackenGang

Andrew McCracken teaches at Notre Dame Secondary in East Vancouver, where he runs a busy Outdoor Club that has a strong sea kayaking component. More info on Andrew can be found at: about.me/amccracken.

Second Speaker:

Boat Fitting and Fittings With Alana Orr

Alana Orr

Alana will discuss and show how to modify a boat to fit the paddler, making paddling easier and more comfortable.  She will be changing deck lines, bungees, putting in paddling where necessary, possibly modifying the back band/support, making seating suggestions, and generally discussing how to adjust our boats for various body issues.  (eg. Sciatica, back issues)  Alana is not a medical person, but she is great at trouble shooting and making people comfortable in their boats.

  1100 Chestnut Street
   Vancouver, BC