Currents course

When: July 14, 2023 until July 16, 2023

We're fully booked for this event. NEW: scroll down to see if a waitlist spot is available. Note that we may be able to add space depending on interest.

Location:  Mayne Island

To paddle safely in currents one requires basic knowledge of currents such as when and where they form as well as developing skills such as ferrying across currents and crossing eddy lines to manoeuvre in and around them.  This course provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice paddling in currents.

Prerequisites: Participants must be comfortable with bracing, wet exits, self-rescues and assisted rescues.  These skills do not form part of the lesson plan, nevertheless all participants will be expected to perform rescues during the course when and as opportunities arise.

Participants must be prepared for immersion with a wet or dry suit, proper footwear and a helmet.  In addition to the required safety gear, kayaks must have watertight hatches and bulkheads for flotation.  Kayaks must also have proper deck lines and grab handles for rescue purposes.

Course Format: This is a 3 day course; It begins Friday, July 14, 2023 (around noon), and ends on Sunday, July 16, 2023.  The on-water portion of the course will focus on topics such as ferrying across currents and crossing eddy lines.  There will be evening, class sessions where we will study the theory of why currents occur and how to forecast them.

Special Instructions: Participants will meet at the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal on Friday morning (July 14) and board the 9:35 am sailing to Mayne Island, returning on Sunday evening (July 16) on the 8:45 pm sailing.  The sailings to and from Mayne Island limited and often pre-booked; we strongly recommend making reservations to ensure participants get on and off the Island as expected. See Transportation comments below.

Transportation:  It is each participant’s responsibility to get themselves to the course location.  The course coordinator will email the group so that all participants have the email addresses of the others attending the course.  This will enable each of you to reach out to the group or an individual to organize carpooling.  Carpooling is a great way to be kind to the environment, minimize parking issues at popular sites, and to minimize the cost of gas and ferries where applicable.

Accommodation:  SKABC has arranged for camping at the  Seal Beach the Group Campsite. Camping fees are expected to be $25/person per night ($50 for the weekend).  Seal Beach is a special place and includes an outdoor shower!   Final details, including  access to showers and storage on Sunday to follow once confirmed.  Camping fees will be collected separately.

Once registration is approved, participants will be asked to send payment within 48 hrs to secure their spot.

Meals:   As is customary on many SKABC courses and some trips, we would like everyone to bring dishes to contribute to a potluck on Friday and one on Saturday night as well.

Instructors: George Prevost, Philip Kubik, Richard Jensen, and Peter Kearney
Course Coordinator:  Kallie Cunningham 

Fee: $90 + camping fee ($50 + GST/person/night)
Participants are responsible for their own transportation and food.

Limit: 6 participants.

Registration:  There are only 6 spaces and this is a very popular course so don’t delay registration.




  359 Maple Drive
  Mayne Island, BC
Signed up:
  • Carole Fitzgerald
  • Andrea Kovits
  • Olga Rivkin
  • Annelisa Pedersen
  • Iveta Janot
  • Courtney Kohnen
  • Katie Meredith

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I acknowledge that when participating in this SKABC activity it is my responsibility to inform my fellow participants if I do not wish to have images or video footage of myself or a minor family member shared on the SKABC website, in the SKABC newsletter, or on social media.

I recognize that some club members may ask that images and video footage of themselves or their minor children captured during this activity not be shared on the SKABC website, in the SKABC newsletter, or on social media and, if so, I agree to respect their wishes in this matter.


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