Club Meeting

When: October 1, 2013 from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

“You’re on a Kayak trip to Who Knows Where and you break your only paddle and a Rudder Cable snaps and the Seat in your Kayak breaks and you put a hole in the bottom of your Kayak and, and, and. You can’t call 911 and BCAA doesn’t do house calls in the middle of Who Knows Where, in the Pacific Ocean. SO WHAT DO YOU DO?”

Rick Davies will be bringing in his kayak and doing a presentation on how to do emergency repairs to your Kayak when you are in the middle of somewhere. Rick will be doing the presentation on his own so bring your questions and solutions to some of the emergency repairs you have had to do. Hope to see you at the October 1st meeting. Rick always makes it a very interesting meeting.

Doors Open at 7pm — Meeting at 7:30. Public welcome!

  1100 Chestnut Street
   Vancouver, BC