Club meeting

When: May 2, 2022 from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Your chance to learn what you can easily catch by beach foraging in BC. Wildcraft Guide Robin Kort will discuss how to find and sustainably harvest seaweed, crab, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, clams, barnacles, sea snails, oysters, geoduck, mussels and how to best cook and preserve them. See the BC coast through the eyes of a chef and take that knowledge on your next kayak or hiking trip.

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Passcode: 506139

About guest speaker Robin Kort – Chef/Sommelier/Forager/Owner

In a lifetime of living, harvesting and cooking between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean near Vancouver, BC, Chef Robin has gathered an abundance of delicious local plants, wild mushrooms and fresh seafood into culinary repertoire. Her cooking has been influenced by her mother, grandmother and many chef mentors from around the world along the way. Spain, Italy and Japan have long cooking traditions of using similar ingredients to her home, so regular pilgrimages to those places honed her cooking style. Her passion is sharing her collected research with you, connecting the dots from wilderness to plate and revealing delicious secrets from the forest to sea. Her advice is to gently follow the seasons and harvest what is offered freshest each month; shoots leaves in spring, summer seaweeds, flowers, fish and fruit, fall roots and mushrooms, winter seafood. Take the utmost care to pick only what is abundant and leave the rest for other beasts.