Meaghan Hennessy Demystifies Weather

When: October 7, 2014 from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

meaghan in surfDemystifying the Marine Forecast

The Marine Forecast is an essential tool for staying safe while sea kayaking on the west coast, yet this tool is often under used as it can be confusing and daunting for unpracticed listeners. Meaghan will attempt to demystify the forecast by helping you to:
understand the language being used,
become familiar with the locations referred to,
recognize the separate parts of the forecast,
learn how to record the information effectively.

With some hands on practice at the end of the evening, the goal is to have participants heading home feeling less intimidated by the forecast and excited to start using it on their next paddling adventure. Please bring your VHF radios along if you have one, and print out the following .pdf file for reference during the chat (

Meaghan is a local Vancouver sea kayaking instructor, and a member of the Sea Kayak Instruction and Leadership Systems (SKILS) team. Meaghan is also a weather geek who often paddles off course while watching the skies.
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