Reply To: Kayaking to Granite Falls, understanding tide chart

Maureen Benzon

Hello Alexandra,

Good for you for trying to figure this out. What follows is a very general synopsis.

The table shows that the tide is going out until noon, then coming back in.

On a straight coast line high tide is obvious but in an inlet, it still pushes up towards high, and recedes towards low. It is rising / dropping about 4 m which is a big tide, so you might notice the current produced in the narrow sections, so on Saturday, you will be paddling against the tide (current) in both directions. The closer to high tide, the less of an effect, with the greatest effect being felt at about 8.00am and about 4.00pm The strength of the current is greater in the middle of the channel, and less along the coastline, which is also useful to know.

More important is the afternoon wind which can be quite strong and will affect you more than the current.

It is a lovely paddle, but quite a distance, about 16nm in all, so take plenty of water and snacks.

Enjoy your day, and please let us know how the paddle went.