Reply To: Neoprene gloves VS mitts

John Drent

Skegs vs rudders anyone?

You won’t know till you experiment for yourself. But can’t stand the disconnected feel of neoprene gloves or mitts on the paddle shaft. Reminds me of driving with snowmobile mitts on. On chilly days I use fingerless sailors gloves with a synthetic leather type palm that grips well and gives me full use of fingers. If it is a bit colder I’ll wear  pogies. The cuffs should be loose enough that you can easily slide in and out. They never keep me totally dry but they cut the wind. Colder than that and I’ll wear the sailors gloves inside the pogies. But in cold weather I always carry a pair of MEC ” waterproof enough” gloves. They are very thin , are only water resistant and mostly used for cycling. If my hands are still cold after a few hours paddling, or after a lunch break, I’ll put them on under the sailing fingerless gloves with pogies over top. That still gives me a good feel for the paddle and lets me paddle all winter.