Reply To: Gul Juniper dry suit question

Cameron Redenbach

I originally posted the details for the sale at victory. I purchased a paddling jacket for my partner and was so close to buying a dry suit, this exact one except it wasn’t tall enough for me. When I went down for fitting it had a very similar system to Kokatat

To me it seemed like a very well build suit and I would have purchased it. The only concern I had was in the waist area. A lot of flaps that came up from pants and another down from top. Just seemed excessive for kayaking. And I was honestly thinking about cutting some of it off.

I wanted a storm hood but didn’t have a size for me. I then was looking at the suit that had no hood but strangely my big melon wouldn’t fit out the jacket. The gasket size was ok but it had a sewn in collar protector that wouldn’t let my head past. But feast of the suit was great

From the description
“”The Junipers unique feature is its Zip Disk technology by TIZIP is a sophisticated zip system that allows the drysuit to separate to form two fully functional garments.””