Reply To: Kayak Cooking

Tony Clayton

I add the comments below as both a bit of SKABC history and in support of Heather’s wish to continue the trip in the original format.

A key aspect to the Kayak Cuisine weekend was and remains the hands on experience. Participants are divided into groups of three so that with a full complement of 12 participants ( plus on recent editions of the trip Heather, Earl Elliott our redoutbable assistant who has attended all of the 14 KC weekends, and me ) we have four teams. At random each team is given a bag containing ingredients and recipes for a three course meal. Each meal has a theme ; e.g. Thai cuisine, so as a result there are four different appetizers, entrees and desserts. The meals are designed to be examples of durable menus that can be taken on multi day trips. The food as Heather alluded to previously, is served as it becomes available from each of the four ‘ kitchens’. In essence there is a very large and varied smorgasbord.

The recipes used for the weekend are subsequently distributed to all the participants. A small fee is charged to cover the cost of the food. We also have a discussion ( not a lecture) about approaches to provisioning for extended kayak trips, foraging and fishing for food.

At times the KC weekend is over subscribed and a waiting list is necessary. People who have previously attended KC weekends go to the bottom of the list.

Apart from the Saturday evening food fest the trip is an excellent paddling experience and typically introduces many people to the attractions of Central Howe Sound. Lastly I would like to say that the KC weekends have always been classified as a TRIP, not your typical trip for sure, and it was never intended as a training course.