Reply To: Broken Group Proposed Permanent Winter Closure

Nick Heath

I think members of out club should be concerned about this. The precedent is significant if it were to spread to other park managers, such as BC Parks. We accept some off-season closures to prevent vandalism  etc. in easy-to- access sites, but I don’t think leaving these paddle-in sites open for use has caused any  appreciable maintenance needs or damage.

I could accept seasonal closures for sufficient reason e.g. to allow hunting at Sidney I, allow nesting birds some peace and quiet in the Spring etc. Perhaps there is a valid rationale? I guess Parks Canada will be trying to come up with one by 15 Jan.

In the meantime, Trans Canada Trail is trying hard to get sections of the ‘Great Trail’ prepared for winter use, by offering incentive grants – this is recognition of much higher usage this pandemic year.

I’d like to see our club represented at this session with Parks Canada.

BTW BC Parks permanently closed the paddle-in/walk-in campsite at Smuggler Cove in a somewhat sneaky fashion.