Reply To: Kayak Photography

Allan Edwin

Show of hands folks, those of you who are shooting video with action cameras (GoPro, DJI, etc.)?

I’d be willing to explore video as suggested by Randy. However, video is tricky compared to stills photography. It’s mostly due to the fact that pre-production and post-production are much more fiddly and time-consuming — this is even taking into account all the new gadgets that put broadcast video quality tools into the hands of normal people.

I’ve seen Mike’s videos. Like many of my other video producing friends, he makes this complex process look very easy. There are tips and tricks that can be shared for sure. I think people need to understand up front that video versus stills is like rock-gardening versus a summer day trip on a lake.

All of that said, I have 2x GoPro Hero 3+ (one of which tumbled in the surf on the South Brooks for almost a year). I think creating compelling video is a deeply satisfying challenge and worth all the techy fiddling. Game on for anyone who wants to learn more.