Reply To: Drysuit recommendations

Maureen Benzon

Hi Karen,

A suit with a neoprene neck will not keep you dry if you swim, but if it is goretex, you will soon dry out on a warm day. On a cold and rainy day you might be in trouble.

My first dry suit had front zipper with the drop pants. I found it very bulky, but very convenient. My current dry suit is a men’s (the legs are slightly longer than the woman’s which means I can get into a small instead of a medium and therefore it is less bulky). For a woman, they will drop the front relief zipper by one inch for convenience. To pee, use a freshette (I have been warned that the other devices leave a lot to be desired) and simply pee on the beach like a guy! You do not need to remove pfd or sprayskirt. You should never have to take off a dry suit until the end of the day. It is designed to keep you dry!

I use KY gel on my neck to avoid latex rash. I keep it in my pocket, and if I get salt water in the neck whilst playing, it is easy to apply more without removing the suit. You get used to the neck and it gets softer as you wear an wash it.

I love getting off the water after a day of playing and being able to just step into shoes and drive home. I wear it all the time… 🙂