Reply To: Seeking user reviews on Ursack Bear Resistant Bag

Anja Pakendorf

Got the large size…


So…it says good for thich bear teeth…nit good for sharp pointy snafflehounds.  I think you could get an aluminum insert.


So up at 3000m elevation in Banff.  No animals in sight. Friends put their food in vestibules.  Mine under some rock plates.

When we returned from our climb….my food bag…the bit that stuck out from under rock was bitten into …left a jaw inprint on lg ziplock bag inside and 2 Apple Cider pouches got punchtures.  Also found one of our stoves 50ft away…mesh bag shredded…and Aluminum wind screen punctures.


What animal was it ? We saw day old  Grizzly prints higer up & a good km away….so not likely…Wolves ?? Marmot…didn’t see a single one up there.. ? Goat ? …any bigger animal would have had no trouble pulling the ursac out from under the rock plate…the jaw inprint was roughly 5cm by 3 cm.