Safe Surf Launching and Landing Course | Course Registration – Sept 9 & 10 2023

When: September 9, 2023 until September 10, 2023

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This course is offered to SKABC members by SKILS.

“Launching and landing a loaded sea kayak through the surf can be a real challenge. The ability to anticipate surf, read the surf zone, and control your kayak in the surf are essential skills for all open coastal paddlers. Its also a lot of fun!  Surfing in Sea Kayaks is a blend of theory, skill, and experience.  We progress step by step to maximize learning and minimize the risks. Topping it off, we run this course on the beautiful sand beaches near Ucluelet and Tofino.”

This is not a course on surfing.

Prerequisites:  Comfortable swimming 25 metres with a PFD. Rolling is NOT a prerequisite.  

Skill Level: Intermediate –  Our intermediate courses are designed to meet the needs of paddlers with some ocean paddling experience. These courses cover more complex skills necessary to paddling in rougher conditions and more remote locations. Previous training is required. Comfort in the water is also a prerequisite. This level is a minimum prerequisite for challenging professional program

Course Format:   Participants must arrive Friday September 8 in order to be ready to meet in Ucluelet at 8:30 am Saturday September 9.  The course will run from 8:30am to 5 pm September 9 and 10.

Participants will meet at Little Beach in Ucluelet at 8:30 am September 9. Little Beach is located directly across from Little Beach Resort.  On the first morning, you will review strokes and rolling as well as the theory of surfing.  The rest of the course will be in the surf. The beach selected to practice surfing will depend on environmental considerations. We will customize an individual training plan for everyone based on your personal goals and expectations.

Please contact Kallie Cunningham  ( (604-619-3016) if you would to attend this course or have any questions.

Instructors: SKILS
Course Coordinator: Kallie Cunningham

Course Fee: $315.00

Limit: 4 participants

Additional Costs: The course fee does not include accommodation, transportation and food.

Accommodation:  Participants are responsible for their own accommodation.  Options to consider include: Surf Inn hostel, CNN Backpackers hostel, Surf Junction Campground (has hot tub and sauna)

Ferry & ground transportation: Carpooling is advised.

Food:  Participants are responsible for the cost and preparation of their meals.

Special Note:  Participants must provide their own boat and equipment and wear appropriate immersion gear.  Rentals are available from SKILS.

Cancellation Policy:  SKABC  has paid a deposit for this course.  The course will be cancelled if 4 participants are not registered by  June 30.  Registration fees after that date will only be refunded if a participant can be replaced or the course is cancelled.

Signed up:
  • Ronald Simmer
  • Marika Green
  • Taran Marcuzzi
  • Josephine Kovacs

Spaces Available: 0

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By signing up I understand that per club policy I am responsible for having the skills, health, ability and equipment to participate safely in the activity. I also understand that I am responsible for notifying the organizer about any physical or mental impairment or medical condition that could interfere with my ability to participate fully in the activity and/or create a safety concern for the group.


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