Gulf Islands Long weekend June 28th to July 1st

When: June 28, 2013 until July 1, 2013

 The focus of the weekend will be navigating through a passage of strong currents using the favourable turn
All participants must:
–       be comfortable with a wet exit
–       have recently done the currents course
–       be prepared to break camp and move every day
–       bring chart # 3443 “Thetis Island to Nanaimo” (1:40,000)
–       bring Canadian tide and current tables Vol. 5 (or the little yellow book)
–       bring a pen or pencil and a notebook
–       bring a marine radio (if you have one)
On Friday June 28 we will paddle to Blackberry Point where we will use the tables and charts to decide where we will camp the next night.
Sunday night we will camp again at Blackberry Point
Monday paddle back to Nanaimo and catch the ferry home
Maximum participants 8
Lead and co-ordinator Maureen Benzon
Please email me with your telephone number and your relevant experience. (cell 778-412-1035)
(I will be away at the symposium, so will answer emails only after Monday 03 June)BlackberryPoint