Currents Course

When: June 12, 2015 until June 14, 2015 from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

In the hole Learn and practice paddling into and out of currents.  You will learn in progressively faster currents.  Must by comfortable with wet exits, re-entry and assisted rescues.

At the end of the Currents course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain how the flood and ebb moves around Vancouver Island
  2. Interpret current tables
  3. Differentiate between a favourable turn (against, then with) and an unfavourable turn (with, then against)
  4. Calculate window of traverse under 2 knots in tidal passages

Skill Objectives: At the end of the Currents course, participants will be able to:

  1. Ferry across moving water, taking into account the effects of underwater topography
  2. Use eddies to move against main flow
  3. Recognize and cross an eddy line using appropriate technique (edging, leaning, bracing)
  4. Understand how to use eddies to move upstream through a constriction in a tidal rapid.

Note: Participants are expected to have self rescue and assisted rescue skills. While this will not be practiced as part of the lesson plan, participants will be expected to practice rescues during the course when and as the opportunity arises .

All paddlers interested in participating must contact the Instructor, Maureen at BEFORE signing up on PayPal to ensure this course is right for you.

This course is three full days.  Participants will meet at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal on Friday morning and catch the 10:10 AM sailing to Mayne Island.  We will return to Tsawwassen  on the Sunday evening sailing.  These sailings can be busy so it is recommended that you make reservations early to ensure that you get on and off the island.  There is no booking fee to make reservations on the Southern Gulf Island ferry runs.

Shared accommodation has been blocked out for course participants at the Springwater Lodge in Miners Bay on Mayne Island.  There are a number of rooms available in the beach side cottages and rustic hotel style rooms in the main lodge.  The evening sessions will take place in one of the cottages.

Instructor: Maureen Benzon

Assistant: Graham Lorimer

Course Coordinator: Maureen Benzon

  400 Fernhill Rd
  Mayne Island, BC
Signed up:
  • Anne Doherty
  • Walter Rosin
  • Reed Clarke
  • Stefan Loose
  • Randy Chatterjee
  • Joan Jones
  • Rose Sirois

Spaces Available: 1

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