Reply To: Save West Ballenas Island fundraising challenge

Nick Heath

What a generous offer, Kapila! I had an inquiry just yesterday from a member who wanted to give some $ to the SKABC to pass along to BC Parks Fdn for this campaign, but I had to tell him it had already been completed, when SKABC contributed $1000 last month, but that individual donations are still strongly encouraged. His thought was that a donation from a club like ours carries more weight in the management decisions that will follow than an individual contribution, but I think that having multiple donors is even better- just let BCPF know it is coming from a kayaker!

South Island Sea Kayak Assn (SISKA) contributed $1300 by using funds that in other years would have been spent on their annual Christmas party. If you have friends in other clubs, like PIKA, maybe see if they could be persuaded to do likewise? I hear that a lobby group formed in Nanaimo Paddlers to squeeze some funds from that club, too.