RSVP for the Spring Fling Paddle and Social May 3

The annual SKABC SPRING FLING is May 3, 2014. We’ll meet up at Deep Cove where kayak rentals are available, and paddle to Thwaites Landing for lunch. Social following in North Vancouver. Current members will find RSVP and launch details here.

Fabulous Door Prizes

For members we have a draw.  Zeballos Expeditions has donated a free dinner for two (value $60) at the Blue Heron, as well as a water taxi from Zeballos to Rosa Island in Nuchatlitz  for 6 people & kayaks (pre-booking necessary to assure availability) (value $400).

To be eligible for the draw members must RSVP 48 hours in advance of the event.

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May 6 Meeting – Gear Swap and Rescues with Maureen Benzon

Bring your gently used kayaking gear to our May club meeting for a Maureen BenzonGear Swap and Sale.

We will be having SKABC’s own Maureen Benzon speak on taking Rescues from a passive environment (where we practice) to a dynamic environment (where we might need it). More details on the May meeting are here.

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April 1 Kayak Destination Fair

Thank you for making the Fair a huge success!

Paddling Destinations

were explored

Valuable Prizes were won!

Plan your next paddling adventure. Talk to Members about the Destination, and Collect kayak trip planning information, Review Kayak Launches, Routes and charts, Park and Camping information, Water Taxi Services and Kayaker Friendly Accommodations.

Win Valuable Prizes including:

Our Kayak Destinations are:

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

  • Broken Group
  • Broughton Archipelago
  • Desolation Sound
  • God’s Pocket
  • Gulf Islands
  • Hakai/Bella Bella
  • Howe Sound
  • Nootka
  • Nuchatlitz Provincial Park
  • Port Hardy – Cape Scott – Coal Harbour (Quatsino Sound), Fair Harbour (Kyuqot Sound)
  • Quadra
  • San Juan Islands
  • South Brooks
  • Sunshine Coast – Sechelt Inlet/Hotham Sound
  • BC Marine Trails

Member only access to: Kayak Destination Info Sheets

Also at the event: Members Paddling Slide Show on the Big Screen
Contact Joan for information and any questions you may have: or call 778-558-5885
Doors Open to Members and Visitors at 7:20pm

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Conservation Update: World Water Day Reminder March 22

It is easy to forget or not even be aware that our daily activities along with practices we take into the wilderness have an impact on marine habitats and the wildlife that call these places home. Urban runoff, litter and personal and household care products are just a few sources that threaten, pollute, and pose deadly obstacles to these precious places and life.

UN World Water Day is held annually on the 22nd of March as a means of focusing our attention, if only for a day, on how we use our greatest natural resource. This year the theme message is Water & Energy. Please take a moment to reflect, teach, share, and encourage others to become more water wise.

At ‘’ take this fun water challenge and learn more about water conservation.

Note from Linda: At the April 1 Club Meeting I will have 6 awesome, attractive hats with the BC Marine Trails logo on them. They are selling for $15 and I will have them along with some great large size ‘stickers’ ($1) at the BC Marine Trails information table. Please support the efforts of the BC Marine Trails association.

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Nominate an Endangered River

Hello to everyone,

Please find the below forwarded email from the Outdoor Research Council of BC where we state that we are in the preparation of the 2014 Endangered Rivers List. Individual nominations as well as group nominations of ORC’s membership organizations will be reviewed.

I invite participation as well as collaboration on making one or several nominations to this project.

I for one consider the Coquitlam River hugely compromised and I feel the recreation level has been overlooked and considered minimal. It seems like with the onslaught of building up the mountain as quickly as possible overrode the actual impact and future impact of this watershed on many levels.

Please take time to consider a familiar river or a river of interest that has provoked your interest in the way it is being used for development or other use or future plans for its use.

Nominate individually or send your river of interest and other information to me and I will submit ‘a river’ of concern on behalf of the Sea Kayaking Association of British Columbia.

Thanks for your time,…
Linda Rushow
SKABC Conservation Officer

From: Outdoor Recreation Council of BC []
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 11:22 AM


The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC (ORC) will publish its 2014 Endangered Rivers List in April. Rivers included in the List will be those on which public recreation is considered by ORC’s Endangered Rivers Committee to be the most endangered or threatened. The Committee will review nominations from members of ORC’s member organizations and other individuals active in outdoor recreation. Persons or organizations making a nominations are requested to provide as much of the information listed below as possible. Public recreation which might be threatened or endangered might include fishing, canoeing, kayaking, birdwatching, hiking or just walking by the river.

To make a nomination please go to:

Or go to the home page of the Outdoor Recreation Council website at and follow the links

In 2013 the Peace River was nominated by more than 200 individuals and organizations as a result of which it headed the 2013 list by a wide margin and the environmental assessment process for the proposed Site C dam on the Peace is now under way. In 2014 we are looking for nominations for threatened rivers other than the Peace, such as the Similkameen (high dam proposal south of Princeton) and the Fraser (toxic waste plant near Chilliwack). There will undoubtedly be others! And the more nominations the better so we can develop a comprehensive and informative list.

Please distribute this request for nominations to members of your organizations and to as many other members of the recreating public as possible.

Thank you for participating in this important annual survey

Jeremy McCall

Jeremy McCall
Executive Director
Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia
47 West Broadway
Vancouver BC V5Y 1P1

“Promoting access to and responsible use of BC’s public lands and waters for public outdoor recreation”

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Course Schedule for 2014

Here is the club training schedule so far:
Downloadable PDF: SKABC 2014 Course Schedule

Registration for courses will staggered throughout the Spring. Please log in for registration details.

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Kayak Adventure talk in Abbotsford – March 26

This Wednesday, March 26th at 7pm. – a Kayak Adventure Talk by Graham and Russell Henry.

These two young men paddled from the mouth of the Amazon to Juno Beach in Florida. They just completed their trip last month – and are now on the road encouraging kids (and everyone else) to embrace ADVENTURE.

It’s FREE, and I think it will be interesting. We are accepting donations to the YMCA’s Strong Kids Program…

This presentation will be at the University of the Fraser Valley, 33844 King Rd in Abbotsford…(same road you turn off of to go to Western Canoeing & Kayaking) Building B – (if you enter thru the King Rd access it will be the building on the right at the top of the stairs…watch for signage. Information posted here:
Henry Kayak

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Past Meeting: Tuesday March 4, 2014


Vancouver kayak club speaker photo of jellyfish bloom

A bloom of moon jellyfish (Aurelia sp.) near Denmark. (Credit: Casper Tybjerg,

Jellyfish populations are increasing in numerous ecosystems around the globe. Not surprisingly, these increases are not uniform in time and space. So why are jellyfish increasing in some places and not others? What are the consequences for humans and ecosystems? Are we seeing similar changes in local waters? And what, if anything, can we do to manage or prevent increasing jellyfish blooms?


Vancouver kayak club speaker with jellyfish

Lucas Brotz dives with a lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) in Indian Arm, BC.(Credit: Conor McCracken).

Join jellyfish researcher and UBC PhD student Lucas Brotz on March 4, 2014, as he discusses the answers to these and other pressing questions with the Sea Kayak Association of BC. Learn about giant jellyfish in Japan, deadly jellies in Australia, and many of the species you are likely to see closer to home. Do you know what to do if a jellyfish stings you? Be there on March 4th to find out.

Doors open at 7pm at the Vancouver Museum, meeting starts at 7:30, public welcome!





Kayak club speaker topic - jellyfish distribution map

Red: increase (high certainty); orange: increase (low certainty); green stable/variable; blue decrease, grey: no data. Circles represent jellyfish populations with relative sizes reflecting confidence in the data. (Brotz et al, Hydrobiologia).

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January BCMTN update – event on June 21

Hi all,

Please find an update of one event planned by the BCMTN.

Right now, the BC Marine Trails sites are shown as icons on the website map but as yet there are no signs on any of the sites themselves – they are physically ‘invisible’.  This does not help us, the BCMTN, increase their profile, which we need to do to gain support for the initiative from paddlers, the public, and potential stakeholders (land owners, commercial accommodations on the shorelines, etc).

The first BCMTN sign raising is taking place on June 21, 2014, at Musgrave Point, Salt Spring Island and we are wanting to promote the event and celebrate it big!!  We are appealing to members of all 11 BCMTN member clubs (SKABC is one) to help put on a big show.

If you are able to make the day or make it a weekend paddling event for you & your friends please find more information below.  The  BCMTN are asking for volunteers, especially from the local clubs.

Basic Plan for now:  Things are subject to change as we are still ~ 5months away from the celebration.

1.       Some weeks ahead of time – volunteers will do some site improvement – build a trail up to upland camping area, add a picnic table or two, fix up the outhouse, etc.

2.       Evening of Jun 20 – volunteers will arrive, camp overnight, prepare cooking area and canopy over sign raising area.

3.       June 21 around 11am – rest of paddlers, guests (some dignitaries, some people connected with early history of BCMTA) and media will arrive – launching from various launch points nearby

4.       With great fanfare, we ‘raise’ the sign

5.       Big barbeque dinner prepared by volunteers

6.       After celebration and dinner some paddlers will leave, others will opt to stay the night, perhaps do a day paddle somewhere in the area the next day before going home.

If you might be interested in taking part in this event in June, let me know and I can let the committee know and provide you with more details.  This will also provide the organizing committee with enthusiasm levels for the event.

During the months prior to this event, we will be attempting to gain permission to put up more signs – BC Parks and National Parks campsites, and community access points.  These signs will hopefully steadily go up all summer long, making the BCMTN Gulf Islands PA visible to all.

Thanks for your time & on a final note:

Promotional Items:  If you are interested in a hat with the BCMTN logo, for $17 each, let me know and I will try and get them here asap.

Linda Rushlow

Marine Trails, Parks and Conservation



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Past Meeting: Tuesday February 4, 2014

Meeting at 7:30 pm at Vancouver Museum / Planetarium. Doors open at 7pm – public welcome!

First Speaker: Andrew McCracken -Trip Planning and Contracts

Second Speaker: Alana Orr – Boat Fitting and Outfitting

Bob Salo will go over the new Trip Leader/Instructor On-water Briefing Guidelines.



Andrew McCracken

It’s winter, the water is cold, the sky dark, and your boat is snug and dry in the garage. Now is the time to dream of summer and long blissful days on the water; to plan that trip to some far-flung corner of our province where white-sand beaches and forests of sitka spruce beckon to adventurous kayakers.
image But who will be going with you on this trip, and how can you be sure your paddling styles are compatible? How will decisions be made? Who likes to put on the mileage? Who would rather poke along and enjoy the scenery? Who is a morning person and who will make the coffee? And whose training can you rely on in an emergency?


These questions, from the mundane to the mission-critical, deserve an open discussion among trips members. One way of conducting this discussion is by writing a trip contract, a collaborative document that explores all aspects of a trip and its participants. In this presentation, SKABC member Andrew McCracken will share his experience of writing trip contract’s, including one that he helped draft for a trip last summer around Cape Scott.

Andrew McCracken teaches at Notre Dame Secondary in East Vancouver, where he runs a busy Outdoor Club that has a strong sea kayaking component. More info on Andrew can be found at:


Second Speaker:

Boat Fitting and Outfitting

Alana Orr

Alana will discuss and show how to modify a boat to fit the paddler, making paddling easier and more comfortable. Gordon Squire, winner of the draw at our January meeting will have his boat “tweaked” changing deck lines, bungees, adding padding where necessary, possibly modifying the back band/support, making seating suggestions, and generally discussing how to adjust our boats for various body issues. (eg. Sciatica, back issues) Alana is not a medical person, but she is great at trouble shooting and making people comfortable in their boats.


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