For Sale: Atlantis Spartan

For Sale: Atlantis Spartan
- fiberglass
- length - 17'5" width - 21.5"
- yellow deck, off-white hull, black trim
- two bulkheads (not three)
- custom foam seat installed, but original seat and floating backrest can be put back in
- located in Burnaby (near SFU)
- asking $2000 Cdn
- Reed Clarke



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2015 Big Brothers / Sisters event

Submitted by Maureen Benzon.

On behalf of everyone who participated in the Big Brothers / Sisters event on Saturday I would like to thank the volunteers who spent some or all of the day making the day a great success. The weather cooperated and we made sure everyone was well coated with sunscreen. The morning and noon shifts were delighted to see purple and leather sea stars on the Strathcona rocks, and the afternoon shift had fun with the incoming tide assisting the paddle home. With the current with us and the wind at our backs (and the call of hot pizza waiting) we flew back to Panorama beach. Boats were rented from Deep Cove Kayak, who generously loaned us any extra equipment we might need, and The Raven Pub went out of their way to ensure the pizzas were ready for the teams as we returned from our paddle. 24 young people accompanied by their older “sibling” were able to get out on the water for a 2 hour paddle and I personally would like to thank skabc for sponsoring this event.

Volunteers: Randy Chatterjee, Graham Lorimer, Stephany Ratzlaff, Joan Boxall, Sandy Rubin, Linda Schwartz, Ashley McDonald and Herb Prufer please see the thank you cards below from the boys and girls.

brother thanks

sister thanks

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SKABC Summer BBQ at Locarno Beach

Following the club idea of “promoting fellowship” come and share a BBQ and stories of paddles past and planned at a club BBQ at Locarno Beach.

YOU bring the food and something to share and a propane BBQ will be ready and waiting. Guests are more than welcome.

TIME - July 7 6:00- ?

WHERE – Locarno Beach at E end of Spanish Banks and slightly E of NW Marine Dr curve from N to W heading. Look for SKABC signage.

See you there!

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MEC Paddlefest

MEC is sponsoring Paddlefest again this year. It will be on July 4th at the Jericho Sailing Centre. SKABC would like to have a presence at Paddlefest by way of a club booth. We are looking for volunteers to host the booth and provide information about the club as requested. The shifts will be 830-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-530. The first shift will set up and the last shift taking down the display. It's great day to be in the sun and meet other paddlers and would be paddlers. If you can volunteer please contact Barry at Thanks

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BCMTNA receives donation raised at Film Festival

Mick Allen receiving the cheque for BCMTNA. Pictured: Roxanne Rousseau, Nick Heath, Mick Allen, Randy Chatterjee

The cheque for BCMTNA. Pictured: Roxanne Rousseau, Nick Heath, Mick Allen, Randy Chatterjee

At the club June meeting, a cheque for over two thousand dollars was presented to the BC Marine Trails Network Association. The funds raised will be used for the improvement of kayak camping sites in Howe Sound. Thanks to all the organizers of the Reel Paddling Film Festival, film goers and generous sponsors for helping make a contribution to preserving BC coastline for recreational use.

Our activities are preceeding the "Sea to Sky Marine Trail Opening”. Details:

Events on June 14, 2015
Sea to Sky Marine Trail Opening
Starts: 3:00 pm
Ends: 5:00 pm
Location: Oceanfront Nexen Beach, Squamish
Description: On June 14 in the Sea to Sky Marine Trail will be opened on Nexen beach in Squamish, followed by an opening in Gibsons on June 28.

More info about this event is in this Squamish news article:

The Sea to Sky Marine Trail is a network of marine trails for human powered crafts (kayaks) in the Howe Sound, with access to 10 camp sites. This multi-day camping trip opportunity is part of the Trans Canada Trail.

The Sea to Sky Marine Trail is a partnership between Recreation Sites and Trails BC, the Squamish Nation, BC Parks, the BC Marine Trails Network Association, the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District and the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

The BCMTNA website is for anyone who might want to join or contribute directly.

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SKABC Newsletter – May to July 2015 Edition

Posted Quarterly - May to July, 2015 Edition -

President's Message:

Dear Members, A big thank you to all for renewing your membership and supporting all of the wonderful programs, courses, training and trips to date. Having just returned from the club sponsored trip to Pender Island, I'm really excited about all of the upcoming adventures including visits to Howe Sound in support of the BC Marine Trails initiative and others to follow to the Broken Islands and to Kyuquot Sound.  Safety is always at the top of the list and what better way to prepare then a self rescue and assisted rescue session sponsored by the club. Or perhaps attend a club meeting held the first Tuesday of every month at the Museum of Vancouver. Come  and meet people keen to paddle and even keener to share their experiences and learn ways to keep safe on and off the water. And for those who really want to experience getting their feet wet why not volunteer by assisting or leading a trip, or perhaps joining the executive? Your club officers can help steer you in the direction you want. The key to making the Sea Kayak Association of BC a great experience is to get involved! Happy and safe paddling to all of you!

Roxanne Rousseau, President SKABC

Trip / Training Reports:

Sea Kayaking in Desolation Sound with Sea Kayak Association of BC (SKABC) May 15, 2015 - May 19, 2015 - by Joan Boxall

P1000058Six single kayaks plus one Feathercraft double (& their eight occupants) shouldered the Victoria Day Long Weekend, beating the rush to Desolation Sound on a cloudy Friday, returning on a sunny, warm Tuesday. Launching at Lund Harbour for $3 apiece with pay parking nearby, we fuelled up on soup and sandwiches at Nancy’s Bakery and Café before relishing a late-afternoon playtime at Copeland Islands Marine Park. Our first night’s camp was Okeover Provincial Campground, chowing down on homemade chili.

P1000066From Okeover Launch’s $5/day parking, we wound our way up Okeover Arm and lunched (halfway) at Hare Point before rounding Zephine Head for an hour-long crossing of Desolation Sound, making for North Curme Island where we filled the remaining tent platforms (a group was already there).
After an initial disappointment at not acquiring the 'penthouse', we soon made the 'downstairs' kitchen our own. Karin set up a tarp, for the rain that never came, in the same way we west-coasters carry umbrella insurance. We all used the same pit toilet, hauled in our kit (supplies) and caboodle (water) and hauled it out.
Some of us swam in the ‘Sound’, drying on warm granite, and marveling at the diversity of wildflowers and seaweed, before savoring another delectable stew, hors d’oeuvres and dessert.
Sunday morning’s entertainment was a lone sea lion floating off our swimming rocks with his flipper akimbo. Every so often, he’d sigh contentedly from his daydreams with sensitive blond whiskers skimming the surface, roll over and start again. Thermo-regulating is what he was doing…catching a few rays to warm up, then submersing to cool off.P1000092P1000160
The daytrip took us to Prideaux Haven. Looking down Homfray Channel to Mount Denman’s pinnacle dancing in and out of the clouds, we passed Otter Island and went between Melville and Morgan Islands, past Eveleigh to picnic on one of the islets’ mossy banks, before returning along the mainland shore. More swimming and good eats included locally picked and steamed oysters in lemon juice, slurped off the shell! A scrumptious curry followed.
Monday, we paddled to the little beach near Unwin Lake, walked the 15-minute trail which branched left and bridged a small marsh, before arriving at our freshwater swim and picnic spot.
P1000140  Our approach brought us past Otter Island along the cliff wall, around Bold Head where we lingered along the cliff wall, staring wide-eyed at low-tide-exposed sea anemones, sea cucumbers, sea squirts, vermillion and purple sea stars, worm castings, sculpins, sea urchins, chitons, nudibranchs, and, where water-protected, hundreds of blooming moon jellies and thousands of tiny comb jellies called sea gooseberries.
The group determined that we’d seen the occasional Pacific sea nettle more than the Lion’s mane jelly, which is, after all, the world’s largest known jellyfish species. Our sightings were bells (a jelly head) from salad to dinner-plate size, with more distinctive amber-colored heads than the larger Lion’s mane species. We’d appreciate fellow paddlers’ verification on this one.

P1000074Desolation re-sizedWherever we dabbled, so did diving ducks such as mergansers and Harlequins, and seabirds such as eagles and Glaucous-winged gulls. Marbled Murrelets popped up and down in their dark brown breeding plumage.
Tuesday, we arose before the Rufous Hummingbirds for a high-tide set-off, and ebbed down Desolation Sound into the open arm of Okeover. With a short stop at Hare Point, we disembarked and headed over to Lund for a shower, a snack and a vehicle launch via Saltery Bay and Earl’s Cove ferries to Horseshoe Bay and the comforts of home. Thanks to SKABC’s volunteer trip leader, Karin Hartner for a super trip.  Article available on blog at

Weather Course: Learning Made Fun and Easy by Rose Sirois

I have always liked looking at clouds, laying on my back in a field or from the window of a plane, for instance.  On May 9,10, a fortunate group of SKABC members learned to look at clouds through new eyes:  cirrus clouds are paddlers' friends, while cumulus and nimbus... not so much.
willa=paulNorth-thormanby-calmRick Davies assisted by Rebecca Abernethy delivered a great course on weather, providing participants with a range of knowledge tools to help make a go, no-go decision.  Fortunately, there was not much 'weather' to deal with on the weekend, making North Thormanby island an easily accessible destination from Halfmoon Bay.
weather groupWe listed to numerous marine weather radio forecasts - - - and learned one of the best ways to not fall asleep listening to the monotone recordings... take notes!  Not everyone hears the same message - so having notes to compare is very helpful.  If you want to know the difference between radiation and sea fog; or learn why fetch is important to kayakers...take the weather course!

Navigation Course: Learning made fun and easy by Rose Sirois

group photoI joined SKABC last year to connect with a community of paddlers after leaving Vancouver Island.  As it had been a couple of years since I did any serious, multi-day trips, I thought a good way to tune up, get out on the water and meet some people would be to sign up for some courses.  The first one up was navigation, led by Rick Davies, assisted by Bob Salo and held on gorgeous Galiano Island, April 18-19.

the-big-pictureThe weather was fabulous, making our classroom of driftwood and grass a most comfortable venue.  To keep things moving, (and prevent us nodding off in the warm afternoon sun), Rick used nature's blackboard to explain the big picture of the moon's effect on tides and currents, the difference between true and magnetic north and more.

The course centered on using true bearings, consequently we  left the slide rule and calculator at home.  Knowing the magnetic declination or variation for our area and using a simple formula, navigation using a compass was revealed to be a straightforward technique.  Of course, taking bearings while floating on the briny in your boat is a trick!  We spent Sunday in our crafts, taking bearings at every opportunity.  Anybody watching from a distance night have thought we were terribly lost.

learning on the beachWe learned the value of transits (or ranges); practical tips for reading a chart and situating ourselves in the real world .... and that there are many good cooks in the club!  Saturday night's potluck was a feast that lasted hours, during which new friendships were made and acquaintances deepened.  I highly recommend this course!


1) Paddlefest by Barry Dutour

MEC is sponsoring Paddlefest again this year. It will be on July 4th at the Jericho Sailing Centre. SKABC would like to have a presence at Paddlefest by way of a club booth. We are looking for volunteers to host the booth and provide information about the club as requested. The shifts will be 830-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-530. The first shift will set up and the last shift taking down the display. It's great day to be in the sun and meet other paddlers and would be paddlers. If you can volunteer please contact Barry at

2) 'Round Bowen Challenge by Peter Kearney
It would be a good event for all the forward stroke participants to enter!

 Join more than 100 paddlers in a race to circumnavigate Bowen Island’s picturesque coast in what has been called the West Coast’s biggest one-day kayak race.*

3) Howe Sound Marine Trail Sites by Mick Allen (director, BC Marine Trails Network Assoc. -


A photo that was taken on the way to do work at one of the seven new Howe Sound marine trail sites on Monday, May 25, 2015.  The small pod consisted of at least one adult [but probably two] with 2 juveniles. The photo was taken as we just passed the west end of Anvil Island in route to a site called Thornbrough Channel. We have spent several days working there and anticipate at least a few more.

Short Notice Paddle Forum:

Connect with other members to plan paddles here: Club members can browse what's listed or subscribe to receive emails when new messages are posted.

Kayaking Cuisine:

by Nancy More

Do you have a recipe that you are particularly proud of for kayak camping? Want to share it with others? Send it in to and we will include them here and raise the average level of kayak cuisine on our trips.

We all know why we gave up backpacking and took up kayaking. It was the ability to eat fresh food everyday. But sometimes you need an emergency dried food dinner (to replace the 15 pound salmon that your paddling partner promised they were going to catch) or when you are out for enough days that fresh food is no longer a viable option.

Here’s a recipe lifted from backpacking that provides lots of protein, good flavour, and doesn’t take much time or fuel to prepare.

Cashew Tajine (provided by Gail Gislason)  Serves 2-4 people

Mix together:
2 Tbsp garlic powder
1-2 tsp celery salt
1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp ground ginger
½ tsp paprika
½ tsp black pepper
¼ tsp cinnamon
2 Tpsp chicken stock powder
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Tbsp cornstarch

Boil ~ 4 c of water and add dried vegetables like:
Onions (can be bought in spice section of any grocery store)
Red &/or green peppers
Rehydrate for ~ 5minutes (I sometimes steam snow peas near the end of the 5 minutes)

Add 1 c dried apricots chopped, the spice mixture, 1-2 c cashews and mix. Then stir in 60-80 g of couscous per person. Let sit and rehydrate. You may need to add more boiling water to fluff up the mixture.

Quantities can be adjusted based on the number of people you are serving.

Information to Share:

Over Age 50 Kayakers - Challenges and Solutions:
by Rick Davies: (604) 519-0477 or
Posted on our website here: MAY 2015 DOCUMENT


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Add summer trip to Nootka and Broughton group

If you are member you can now view 2 new trips added for
Nootka Sound and Broughton Group

BlighIsland Broughton2

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Trip Report – Desolation Sound – May 15-19, 2015

Check out the trip report for Desolation Sound kayak group written by Joan Boxall on her blog:


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Trip Report – Bowen Bay on Bowen Island – Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our group of seven traveled in 4 vehicles from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove, Bowen Island on the 9:00 am ferry sailing and then drove over to Bowen Bay on the west shore of the island. The day was sunny and the marine forecast was for 10 to 15 knot northerly outflow winds in the morning switching to southerly inflow winds of the same velocity for the afternoon.

Perhaps because this was the first trip of the year for most of the group we were a little late in getting ready to leave the beach. At 10: 30 we left the beach and headed toward the east point of Worlcombe Island heading into what was already a 10 knot westerly. Nancy had trouble keeping on course because a balky rudder on her kayak but with Earl’s help arrived safely at the rendezvous in the lee of Worlcombe Island. The wind had increased to an estimated 15 knots by this time. Nancy, Ashley and I stayed on the lee side of Worlcombe and reunited at the west point with Gaila, Charity, Heather and Earl who paddled the bumpy outside shore. We headed towards the southern tip of Pasley Island instead of crossing the mile to Popham Island in the rather hectic seas that would have been on our beam. The south point of Pasley was quite bumpy with the wind waves surging over the rocks off the point and we managed some minor surfing as we paddled along the shoreline before crossing over to the north end of Hermit Island. The paddling was easier in the lee of Hermit before landed for a warm sunny lunch break out of the wind on the beach at “Little Hermit”. Earl and Heather helped Nancy fix the rudder problem before we left the beach.

After leaving our lunch stop we paddled north past New Islet and around Ragged Island in a helpful following wind and sea and enjoying the views of the mountains surrounding Howe Sound and the sight of the resplendent white and shining mass of Mount Garibaldi in the far distance. As we set course across Collingwood Channel for Bowen Bay the wind dropped to an almost imperceptible breeze allowing a relaxed and pleasant paddle on the home stretch.

Arriving back on what was now quite a well populated beach we packed up and headed for the pub noting in passing the long line up for the 4 pm ferry. After refreshments in the very busy pub we headed for the line up fully expecting that we would not make the 5 pm sailing but much to our surprise we had a clear run down to the dock and managed to get the last spaces on what was fortuitously a delayed sailing: a perfect ending to an enjoyable day of paddling on a warm sunny day. All the participants in the companionable and pleasant group were positive about the trip. This is a good and deservedly popular destination beginner or ‘first of the season’ trip for mid April and beside the wonderful views has the added attraction of plentiful sightings of migrating sea birds, seals and sometimes, as on this occasion, sea lions. I hope to be available to lead this trip foe SKABC IN 2016.

Participants were: Charity Reddington, Nancy Flexman, Gaila Eddie,, Ashley McDonald, Heather Kirk, Earl Elliott and myself. Three people cancelled out just prior to the trip. Tony Clayton, Trip Leader

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New SKABC Short Notice Paddle Forum

We have a new online Forum to help you connect with other SKABC members to plan paddling trips. This is going be a great way to plan impromptu trips and get on the water with other SKABC members. You can find the Forum on the SKABC website in Hot Links and under the Trips menu. (You must be logged in to the website to have access to the Forum.)

How it works:
If you want to plan a trip, go to the Forum page and create a new Topic. In the Topic Title area, include your destination and the date. Next, click in the text area below the title and add more information. Include contact information in your posting or just ask anyone interested to reply to the posting. (Only current club members can see the forum, read topics and reply.)  When you're done click Submit.

Anyone that has Subscribed to the Forum will receive an email with the contents of your Forum posting.
If you are Subscribed to the Forum and receive an email about someone’s trip – do not reply to the email. Instead, go to the Forum page and post your reply there. If you want to receive copies of all comments posted to a particular Forum topic, click on “subscribe” when viewing the topic.

How to Subscribe to the Forum:
Go to “Edit My Profile” (top right corner when you are logged in to the website). Scroll way down to the bottom and click on the box for “Call Out Notice”. (Some of you may already be Subscribed – just make sure there is a check mark in the box.) When you are Subscribed to the Forum, you will receive an email whenever a new Topic is posted, but you won’t get any emails for replies to a Topic unless you post a reply or subscribe to that particular topic. This helps manage the volume of emails.

Take a few minutes to read the instructions at the top and bottom of the Forum page. Note that all activities arranged through the Forum are unofficial paddles neither organized nor led by SKABC, and are not covered by club insurance. Participants are responsible for their own safety at all times.

The Forum will be moderated by the Trips Committee and inappropriate posts may be edited or removed at the Trips Committee’s discretion. If you have any questions about the Forum, please email

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Annual Spring Fling May 2

Paddle and Dinner Saturday May 2nd
Members and non-members welcome. Basic paddling skills required for the paddle.

Launch at … Deep cove in Panorama park.

  • 3 paddle destinations to choose from. Advanced, intermediate
    and beginner.
  • boat rental available at Deep Cove Kayak Rental.

Meet at 9am and launch by 10 am. Details about the launch and what to bring are below. Contact with questions and to register for paddle by April 29th.

Dinner… Hosted by SKABC at the home of Mike and Kim Mattinson
2724 Violet st North Vancouver, starts at 4 pm.
Bring…your mess kit and byob.
Contact to rsvp for the dinner.


Non-member guests are welcome and will be expected to sign a liability waiver.

We have 3 separate paddle destinations:

1) for most of us doing our first paddle of the year-Twin Islands Marine Park
2) Thwaytes Landing--there will be a headwind coming back
3) Silver Falls--for the super keener stronger paddlers

There will be designated volunteer paddle leaders to keep small groups safe and organized.

Safety gear--eg-wet and dry suits and effective spray skirts a must.

Bring a picnic lunch.

Launch Location: Panorama Park-Deep Cove. Warning--since there are many morning hikers parking is at a premium and car-pooling is encouraged. Some paddlers will like to launch at Strathcona Park--please let me know if you are doing so and please meet us at Deep Cove.

Launch time: 10 AM at the latest--If you are not ready to go by 10, you will be left behind. If you require a kayak rental, these are available next door at Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak (SKABC members receive a 10% discount). Please reserve ahead, pick up your boat and equipment and paddle over to Panorama Park to meet the rest of the group.

Please RSVP and address questions to Karin at by April 29th indicating which paddle you would like to join--1, 2 or 3 AND if you will be renting a kayak at DCCK.

Please let Karin know if you can be small group leader.

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Follow up on Towing Safety Presentation

Here's a video on the Contact Tow -- another option that wasn't covered in the April meeting. (Thanks Bob S and Joan M ! ):

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Pool session recap and video

On March 20th, eight participants and four instructors met on a Friday night at Lord Byng pool in Kitsilano to practice skills. We practiced very first time wet exits, assisted rescues, bow rescues and rolling. Although we had only one hour, and the hour went very fast, all agreed it was well worthwhile. Check out the fun at

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MEC Club Night

SKABC has received its annual invitation to participate in a special clubs event on April 21 from 7-9 pm. This is held at the West Broadway location.

Everything in the store will be 10% off including boats and bikes. Discounted and online items are not included. You are able to put items on hold for 48 hours before the event.
As the store will be closed during the event, we have to provide numbers of participants for staffing purposes so you are asked to RSVP if you intend to shop.

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Turning the Tide Paddle 2015 July 24th to 28th

The Turning the tide group is inviting SKABC members to participate in their 2015 paddle in the gulf islands.

Turning the tide
As long as the Salish Sea faces threats from industrial development, we will paddle, sail, swim and peacefully protest. Join us July 24th to the 28th for another voyage linking our islands in solidarity to protect the Salish Sea.
Register at

This is a sharing of information about an event that members may be interested.
Members should be aware they are participating as member of the public.

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FYI: Forest Practices Board Survey

From Outdoor Recreation Council of BC,

The Forest Practices Board is seeking your feedback to improve their work as
the public watchdog for forest and range practices in BC. Given ORCs mandate
and shared interest in this regard, we have agreed to circulate a link to
their online survey.

As SKABC is a member organization of the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC,
I would like to pass this message on to our membership.  Participation is
voluntary but I encourage you to share your views via the link below.

The survey is being conducted by a third party and the results shared on a
collective basis only.  No email addresses or any responder information will
be collected, you will simply be directed to a web page.  The survey should
take about 10 minutes.

Linda Rushlow
Outdoor Recreation Council

"Promoting access to and responsible use of BC's public lands and waters for
public outdoor recreation"

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Bowron Lakes Kayaking Video (YouTube)

Thanks Mike Mattinson for this producing this inspirational video:

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New Cold Water Immersion Resource

Thank you club Safety Officer Bob Salo for the talk on Cold Water Immersion at the January club meeting. Here is some take home information: Cold Water Immersion Information for Paddlers

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SKABC Newsletter

Posted Quarterly - February to April, 2015 Edition -

President's Message:

Dear Members of SKABC! Greetings on behalf of the club and your executive. We have a wonderful, dedicated group of volunteers helping your club put on great activities, trips and training events this year! Read on to find out some of the events we are organizing for you. Please support these initiatives and if you have any suggestions let your executive know. Looking forward to a terrific year of paddling and meeting you.
Sincerely,  Roxanne Rousseau, President SKABC

Upcoming Meetings:

March 3, 2015 – Spirit of the Coast:

Chris Cooper:  Travelling our beautiful BC coast by Great Canoe is known as the grandfathers' journey by coastal First Nations peoples. International paddler Chris Cooper has made this journey many times. In this presentation, Chris shows images of the coastal beauty and brings his expertise on First Nations communities from Fort Langley to Alaska, highlighting some of the great historical journeys with First Nations peoples in Great Canoes. This includes Vision Quest 1997/98, Tribal Journeys 1999 to 2014, and others over the past 40 years of traveling by kayak and canoe.
Chris’s experiences reach far and wide traveling by paddle from Washington State to Alaska, kayaking Canada’s High Arctic, the British Isles from the Isles of Scilly to Shetland and many other unique areas around the world.
Chris has been featured in many magazines including Canadian Geographic, BC Business, Explore Magazine, Adventurous Magazine, ZDF German Television, the BBC and STV, CBC and Global television. Including several film documentaries produced over the past 20 years.
Alice Purdey:  Member of SKABC for four years. Alice has paddled many places on the coast, including personal and club kayak trips and in great canoes with Chris Cooper and his wife Barbara. One journey took place from Prince Rupert to Bella Bella in 2012 and another was on the first leg of a journey from Kwantlen (Fort Langley) to Prince Rupert last summer. Alice's presentation this evening touches on many aspects of life on the coast in a brief attempt to depict all that contributes to the Spirit of the Coast - its vibrancy and variety, its changes and threats.

April 7, 2015 – Members Sharing Their Trip Experiences:

Anyone interested in doing a small and simple presentation of a favorite trip please contact Please let us know if there are any specific places you'd like to learn about.

May 5, 2015 - Paddling the Horton River in the Arctic:

The canoeists are Ted and Freda Mellenthin who live in Mission, BC. They are internationally known for all of the northern and arctic rivers they've paddled and they recently published a book. In 2007 Ted and Freda plus two other women paddled the Horton River from its source to its mouth. Then continued along Franklin Bay in the Beaufort Sea to Parry Peninsula, crossing the peninsula by going upstream on a creek and portaging over the mountains to the east side into Darnley Bay. From there they paddled to the community of Paulatuk and flew out on a scheduled flight. Ted and Freda join us to share their journey. It took them 26 days to paddle 728 kilometres.

June 2, 2015 - Raincoast Conservation Foundation:

A non-profit organization consisting of a diverse group of scientists, conservationists and volunteers dedicated to advancing science and protecting the wilderness landscape and inhabitants of the BC coastline. See Conservation Activities section in newsletter below.

In addition to our guests, Bob Salo, SKABC Safety Officer will present on a variety of safety topics.  Submitted by: Karin Hartner

Upcoming Events:

Bocce - Back by Popular Demand...Come on Out and Have Fun!

Bocce PicWhat:   A type of bowling descended from ancient games played in the Roman Empire and developed into its current form in Italy.

When:   Thursday February 12, 2015 at 7 - 9 pm.
Where:  Italian Cultural Centre, 3075 Slocan St., Vancouver
Cost: $12 cash. ($10 to play and $2 toward cost of the instructor)
Facilities: Bar service - cash only
Note: Please wear flat shoes suitable for a hard sand court. An instructor, Carlo. will be on hand. The court has been reserved for 20 participants.
RSVP: to Alice Purdey at

Sound of Freedom—in North Van!

Wed. February 18, 2015 at 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Centennial Theatre...CSF-Web1b

Join master digital storytellers Dan Lewis and Bonny Glambeck of Clayoquot Action for a lively, informative and inspiring evening. A multimedia journey from the visually stunning landscape, wildlife and culture of Clayoquot Sound—Vancouver Island’s last great rainforest, to an eyewitness report of the Mount Polley mine disaster, and onward to the Burnaby Mountain frontlines.

Much of Clayoquot Sound remains wild because of committed activism—yet 2 new fish farms are proposed for these pristine waterways, and the company responsible for the Mount Polley mine disaster plans to open two mines. A pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat was approved last year, and a second, to Burnaby Mountain, is being fast-tracked. Clayoquot Sound is at risk like never before!
Evening includes Tamo Campos from Beyond Boarding and the film Colours of Edziza.
Purchase tickets at  Further information at Submitted by Shirley Brunke and written by Dan Lewis

Mark your Calendars!  Reel Paddling Film Festival!

SKABC is pleased to host the....

2015-rpff-web-banner-706x269Reel Paddling Film Festival....Friday March 27, 2015.....7:00 pm to 9:45 pm.....Langara College in A130 Theatre (100 West 49th Avenue Vanc)

$15.00 admission for an exciting variety of new releases of short paddling films, selected for your excitement and interest! Ocean paddling...White water...Travel sagas...Environmental issues...Paddling Humour...and more! Prizes too!

Net proceeds to BC Marine Trails Network Association.  Please attend and spread the word!  A small team of SKABC volunteers will be recruited to run the show, sell tickets, cajole retailers etc. Contact Nick Heath to help  Reel Paddling Film Festival information at

Conservation Activities:

Raincoast Conservation Foundation – June 3rd, 2015 Club Meeting:

I am pleased to announce that Ross Dixon from Raincoast Conservation Foundation will attend our June 3rd, 2015 meeting to present the film ‘Directly Affected’ and to speak on the ‘drift card campaign’. Informative and of interest for those planning trips in the coastal seas this year.
Raincoast is a group of scientists and conservationists inspired by our work to protect the land waters and wildlife of coastal BC. As part of our oil-free coast campaign we launched a drift card ocean currents study in 2013 to help understand the potential reach of an oil spill.
We have now dropped over 1000 small drift cards (4” x 6” pieces of bright yellow plywood, each with a unique serial number) at locations of higher risk of incident along the Kinder Morgan oil tanker route that runs from Burrard Inlet, through the Gulf and San Juan Islands and out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Just like a message in a bottle, the drift cards carry a simple message: this could be oil. When the drift cards are found and reported to us (on this site), their recovery locations will help us to map the paths oil spills might take, and how far the oil could travel. So far hundreds of cards have been recovered see:

Individual Memberships Available:

The BC Marine Network Trails Association (BCMNTA) is now accepting individual memberships. This is a great way to further support them and get some perks as well.

Congratulations Nick Heath:

On behalf of the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, I am pleased to advise that Nick Heath was selected as one of five persons from the provincial membership to represent the public outdoor recreation sector on the new Provincial Trails Advisory Body (PTAB). Nick was nominated by both the BCMTNA and SKABC. Congratulations Nick!
Submitted by: Linda Rushlow

Howe Sound’s Sea to Sky Marine Trail 2015:

As many of you know from reading on our web site, Recreation Sites and Trails BC (MFLNRO), Trans Canada Trail and BCMTNA have been working together on a Marine Trail for Howe Sound. A total of 7 new sites will be officially given Provincial Recreation Site status.

Planning has begun for official opening ceremony (or ceremonies), likely on or before 11/12 July 2015, to be held in Squamish and / or other communities around Howe Sound.

All paddlers will be invited. We expect a strong turnout!Mick Allen and Nick Heath Howe Sounds sea to sky marine trail 2015 pic 1have recently been visiting these sites. Each has its challenges. Several of them have awkward, rocky landings. They need some brushing and some need properly constructed trails from the beach to the upland to minimise future erosion and provide safe footing. Only one site currently has any form of toilet and that one is well below Michelin Guide standards. (Photo of Latona Passage nook ( McEnery Cove)

There will be only essentiaHowe Sounds sea to sky marine trail 2015 pic 2l site work done before the official opening date i.e. removal of hazard trees, possibly some minor boulder moving and some signage, so much work will remain - some will be done by applying for and hopefully receiving grants and then hiring contractors. Doubtless, there will be also a need for much work to be done by volunteers. SKABC members will likely be asked to help out here, so sharpen your pruning shears and pull out those gardening gloves!  (Photo of Bain Creek Central)
Submitted by: Nick Heath


Membership renewal time is here again.  Please renew by 31 March 2015.
The Club Executive have approved some changes recommended to them by our web gurus, Susan and Roy, and myself. These changes are based on our experience over the past few years working with our WordPress software package.

The main changes are:
• our membership year will be the calendar year (January 1 to December 31), not April 1 to March 31;
• you may renew your membership at any time in the year;
• new members joining on 1 October or later receive membership for the rest of the current year and all of the following year;
• there is no longer a ‘grace’ period for renewal , so if you don’t renew you will only be able to access public content on the website;
• there is no longer a discounted fee for memberships taken out 1 October or later;
• you are given the opportunity to update your profile each time you renew;
• each member must provide a full mailing address on the profile form;
• each member may list an emergency contact name and number on the profile form, and    we recommend you do so;

Some things stay the same:
• family members may join or renew for a flat $10 fee (but the process changes slightly – e.g. no coupon codes any longer);
• each member must electronically sign the waiver each year;
• each member is expected to have unique email address;
• preferred payment method is credit card via PayPal or a PayPal account;

These changes will automate some annual processes and reduce the workload on volunteers by eliminating most of the re-configuration work needed at the start of each membership year and at the 1 October rate change time. The new process removes several ambiguities and the need for manual intervention. Registration for some courses will no longer be affected by the need for members to renew or take out memberships.
We hope you like the changes!

Please renew by March 31, 2015 for the upcoming paddling season!
With many thanks to Roy Smyth who has patiently guided us and soldiered through this!
Submitted by: Nick Heath (SKABC Membership)

Training Courses:

Tentative Training Schedule

Check out the schedule and plan your training for this next season.  Course registration will open to current members a month or two before the course date.  Submitted by: Graham Lorimer

Trip and Photo Submissions:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"Effing Arch" - Stranded kayaker Tracey Dennis at Effingham Island, Broken Group, Sept 2014

Submitted by Helen Roberts

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Congratulations Silver Paddle Award Winners!

The Silver Paddle Award Winners for 2014:

Karin Hartner
Nick Heath
Rob Leeson

Their awards were presented at the October AGM as recognition and a huge thank you for their volunteer efforts over the years!

History of The Silver Paddle and Orca Awards:

The Silver Paddle Award is given by the club executive to express gratitude for a member's valuable contributions to SKABC.

Past Silver Paddle Awards:

2013 Silver Paddle Recipients: Richard Jensen and Susan Jensen

2009 Silver Paddle Recipients: Bob Maher and Maureen Benzon

2008 Silver Paddle Recipients: Gayla Shulhan, George Prevost, Kallie Cunningham and Peter Kearney.

The Orca Award is a way of saying thank-you to many of the people who have made significant contributions not only to SKABC but to the sea kayaking community as a whole, SKABC instituted an annual award. Nominations for this award are sought from all club members between January and March of the year. The award may be presented at our April club meeting. The challenge is choosing one person from a large group of people who have made a difference.

2007 Orca Award: Cindy Dopson

2006 Orca Award: Tony Clayton

2005 Orca Award: Rick Davies

2004 Orca Award: Ray Pilman

2003 Orca Award: Harald Riffel

A huge thank you to these recipients. We hope to continue the tradition of presenting Orca and Silver Paddle Awards in the future.


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