Club Meeting – Tue Feb 3

Ralph and Lannie Keller from the Discovery Islands Lodge on Quadra Island will be showing SKABC members and guests their beautiful and exciting part of the coast. They will show us areas of particular interest to paddlers and tell us about their accommodations which are very much geared to paddler's needs.

At the Vancouver Museum/Planetarium. Doors open at 7pm -- meeting starts at 7:30 -- public welcome!

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January 6, 2015 Meeting

SKABC member Steve Best will be talking about and showing pictures of his two-week, late September solo trip down the outside of Vancouver Island from Friendly Cove on Nootka Island around the Hesquiat Peninsula ending at Tofino. Join us for what will surely prove to be an entertaining evening. 

At the Vancouver Museum/Planetarium. Doors open at 7pm, meeting starts at 7:30. Public welcome!

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Congratulations Silver Paddle Award Winners!

The Silver Paddle Award Winners for 2014:

Karin Hartner
Nick Heath
Rob Leeson

Their awards were presented at the October AGM as recognition and a huge thank you for their volunteer efforts over the years!

History of The Silver Paddle and Orca Awards:

The Silver Paddle Award is given by the club executive to express gratitude for a member's valuable contributions to SKABC.

Past Silver Paddle Awards:

2013 Silver Paddle Recipients: Richard Jensen and Susan Jensen

2009 Silver Paddle Recipients: Bob Maher and Maureen Benzon

2008 Silver Paddle Recipients: Gayla Shulhan, George Prevost, Kallie Cunningham and Peter Kearney.

The Orca Award is a way of saying thank-you to many of the people who have made significant contributions not only to SKABC but to the sea kayaking community as a whole, SKABC instituted an annual award. Nominations for this award are sought from all club members between January and March of the year. The award may be presented at our April club meeting. The challenge is choosing one person from a large group of people who have made a difference.

2007 Orca Award: Cindy Dopson

2006 Orca Award: Tony Clayton

2005 Orca Award: Rick Davies

2004 Orca Award: Ray Pilman

2003 Orca Award: Harald Riffel

A huge thank you to these recipients. We hope to continue the tradition of presenting Orca and Silver Paddle Awards in the future.


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Special SKABC Meeting Nov 4 7:30 pm

A recap of the year's accomplishments, awards, food, socializing and trip slideshows by club members are the highlights of this year's AGM.   The nominating committee has a great slate of candidates for the upcoming club executive so let's enjoy the evening!

Doors will open at 7:00pm, with food and refreshments available for everyone. Come early, relax and socialize! Please do attend as we need a quorum to run the meeting.

The meeting will start at 7:30 with reports from our Executive on the many accomplishments of the past year. This is a great recap of the year and a chance to appreciate all the efforts put in by our volunteer Executive including Committee heads.

We will be presenting awards to some members who have made significant contributions to the club.

Following this, a few of our members will be presenting short slide shows on some of their summer adventures:

Roxanne Rousseau, Scott Tebbutt and Stephanie Sersli will present "Gods Pocket and beyond"

Harald Riffel on "Boat kayaking the mid coast and Bute Inlet"

Bruce Pickwell on "Snapshots from the Other Coast and Overseas"

 Door prize from Wavelength magazine

See you there!

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Video: Running the Chute at Bowron Lakes

kayaking_videoThank you Mike Mattinson for sending in this neat video from your trip:

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SKABC and the new Marine Trail in Howe Sound

As representatives to the BC Marine Trails initiative, interested SKABC members are continuing to survey information, land, and sea to retain and establish accesses, day use sites and campsites in and around the whole of Howe Sound as well as all coastlines of BC. Within the last few years,  the well- funded and widely supported  Canada Trails became  interested in establishing a marine trail from Squamish to Horseshoe Bay to divert around  a more difficult land route between these two nodes.  As this enterprise was an obvious direct parallel to the BC Marine Trails purpose, we were enthusiastic to support and ride on the coat-tails of whatever could be achieved in the relatively short time frame that was proposed.

To this end, several years ago SKABC marine trail reps Nick Heath and Mick Allen took  project manager Gordon McKeever on a motorboat tour to show locations that we had both been identified  and visited around the inner portion of Howe Sound. From this and subsequent work by ourselves (initial work and interaction), Canada Trails reps, and Recreation Sites and Trails BC,  a new Canada Trails ‘Sea To Sky’ marine trail is imminent. The new sites proposed will also be BC Marine Trail sites.  Moreover, this marine trail will also be  a small part of a larger complete Howe Sound Marine Trail which of course is a small part of the massive BC Marine Trails initiative - that the SKABC has been  enthusiastically supporting and its members  engaged in for years.GambierE-Ramillies-land

As a back ground to this, (you probably all have felt this as well to some degree while out there) but it is just so much fun and adventure poring over maps, google earth, trip reports, guide books and then on the water searching to try to find partially suitable, suitable, spectacular or even marginal locations. . . . and this was especially so in Howe Sound where one would think that because of development and proximity to the lower mainland that ‘new’ locations would be highly unlikely to be found let alone be quickly established as marine trail Recreation Sites (by RSTBC)!


Click this map for a larger view. Finally, here are more details about the proposal:  The Sea to Sky Trail (PDF). Thank you Mick Allen for passing this info along!

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Sept. 2 Meeting: Guest Speaker James Manke

Our September meeting features James Manke, showing his adrenaline raising film on the very first full decent down the Grand Canyon with a fully loaded sea kayak and Greenland paddle unsupported.

James is an International Greenland Kayak Instructor from Victoria, who travels around the globe teaching Greenland and traditional kayak related skills. He teaches rolling, surfing and rough water clinics along with a wide range of skills building clinics. While he is in Vancouver to speak to us he will also be running clinics during the day which you can email him directly about:

While in Greenland last month James won gold in the Greenland kayak rolling competition, and silver in 5 other disciplines including racing, harpoon throwing & team rolling.

Honestly when you see the film, you are going to feel as if you are paddling full tilt through some very scary water in the Grand Canyon. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride! Grand Canyon Quick Clip

The September 2 meeting is at the Vancouver Museum / Planetarium and starts at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 7pm -- Looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures.

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Gambier Island logging meetings

Hi everyone,

The popular kayak landing at Douglas Bay, on the South East side of Gambier Island in the Howe Sound is in jeopardy as the Ministry of Forests is aggressively trying to turn this into a log dump. The Ministry also wants to award two logging licenses encompassing a large area of the island popular with hikers and all visitors to the island.

I have been asked by Perry Sanche, a key advocate against this proposal, to encourage anyone with an interest to please come and join them at these important meetings (details below) with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO). Perry is supported by several groups including the Gambier Island Conservancy, The Islands Trust and the Sea to Sky School.
Hope you can make it.

Thank you,
Linda Rushlow
Marine Trails, Parks and Conservation

Meeting information from the Gambier Island Conservancy

Public Information Meeting
Date: 6:30 Thursday evening, July 24th
St. Francis-in-the-Wood Church, 4773 South Piccadilly Road, West Van
(This is near Caulfield Cove and Lighthouse Park.)

Public Drop-In
Date: Friday, July 25, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. to Noon
Location: Sewell’s Marina Boardroom
6409 Bay Street
Horseshoe Bay, BC

Some of the most wild, close to Vancouver hiking is on Gambier Island in Howe Sound. The northeast quadrant of the island is pretty much untouched Crown land that thousands of outdoor campers and hundreds of hikers explore each year.
The Ministry of Forests is bound and determined to turn this land into two big woodlots. This means that part of each piece will get logged each year, for many years to come. Very little revenue will come back to the province and significant old-growth forest will be taken, not to come back within many, many lifetimes, if ever!

More information at gambierc . ca
Check our Twitter feed at @GambierConserv
Thanks so much for supporting wilderness on Gambier Island, the Wild Heart of Howe Sound.
Gambier Island Conservancy

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Watch for trash collection bags on the beach this season

A letter was sent to SKABC asking for our help collecting trash from beaches in remote areas -- it is below. Here's a link to their website:

Help Living Oceans Clear the Coast
At Living Oceans we're doing our best to reduce and recover marine debris. Nobody likes to see our pristine wilderness cluttered with plastic. Did you know that much of this debris is not just an eyesore, but also a real threat to the many species of wildlife that live near the coast?

Lost or abandoned fishing nets entangle whales, dolphins and sea otters and can slowly kill them, by suffocation or starvation. Plastic debris washing up on the shore breaks down into small particles that are eaten and enter the food web. It's highly toxic--plastic picks up many of the pollutants in sea water--so it can cause long-term, genetic damage.

You can help us solve this problem!

First, please make sure that the equipment you use when paddling and camping is secured against sudden wind or waves. Don't leave trash behind: plastic never biodegrades and in most small communities on the coast, recycling is very expensive. Far better to take it home to your own recycling centre.

Next, help us clean up! You may have already come across our collector bags, left on remote beaches to encourage you to collect marine debris while beachcombing. We organize boats, helicopters and trucks to remove the collector bags at the end of the season.

And of course, we would appreciate your financial support, too. Removal of this debris is a costly affair, especially in more remote areas... (editor's note: Please visit their website to donate to their campaign.)

Living Oceans is a non-profit organization incorporated under the B.C. Society Act, with its head office in Sointula on Malcolm Island, B.C. Our coastal community roots keep us mindful that we all depend on healthy oceans and we have been a leader in the effort to protect Canada's oceans since we were formed in 1998. With your support, we can Clear the Coast!

With thanks from the Clear the Coast Campaign team,

Will Soltau

Carmen Pendleton

Living Oceans Society

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Relaunch of Mt. Fairweather Baidarka at Belcarra

A few of us joined the Belcarra South Preservation Society and George Dyson to relaunch the Mt. Fairweather on June 8.

George and a team carried the abandoned baidarka out of the forest and out for a paddle. Photos are below. It is out for display between the cabins at Belcarra.  Here is a PDF with a bit of the history: George Dyson's Story

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